Review for Magical Rescue Vets: Blaze the Phoenix

Review for Magical Rescue Vets: Blaze the Phoenix

Magical Rescue Vets: Blaze the Phoenix by Melody Lockhart, Morgan Huff, Fantasy, Magic, Animals, Creatures, Cute, Children's Books, Illustration, Friendship, VetsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

EEP! So excited to see two new books on Netgalley from this series! I just had to request both of them despite my ever growing Netgalley TBR! I loved the first two books and I am in for new adventures!

In this one we have various things going on, one of the bigger ones is how Rosie feels like no one appreciates her that much. She wants to help. Show that she is grown up. Show that she can handle more responsibilities. We see her deal with that. Try to do bigger things, get rid of plushies (oh sweetie, you don’t need to do that, even I as an adult have many plushies). We see how she takes lead in quite a few of the situations and thinks of some great solutions (I loved her solution to the hiccups, would love to try that one out when me or my hubby got the hiccups). Proving to everyone that she is responsible and can handle things. Also, you are a kid, you don’t need to do everything yet. Enjoy your time, play a lot! I loved that even her mom had a small convo about it at the end. I do understand Rosie’s feelings though, I can remember a time when I was a kid when I felt the same-ish way.

I loved seeing all the new creatures at the vet and well, outside of that as well! Because creatures are appearing outside of the magical forest and there is a phoenix as well! I just love how many magical creatures the author is getting into the story and it never feels as too much. In fact, I just want her to put more in! A lot of times I just wish I could step in the story and help at the vets. Meet the Chamedeons, hug with the smittens! I want to bounce with the grumplings (who really seem like my spirit animal, haha, I am also so bouncy). Aww, I wish one day someone is able to make an invention that allows the reader to step into the story! crosses fingers and dreams about it

The phoenix and what is up with that was a great storyline and I was eager to find out what was going on with the phoenix, why is it around, why is it doing what it is doing? As the story continues we find out what is up with the phoenix! I love the name that the girls give him, yes the title spoils it, but I don’t mind.

Plus, we get some new inventions including the Bubblemobile! It sounds way more fancier than it is. Actually it is a bench with a big giant bubble over it! But it works and I love it. Simple inventions are sometimes the best.

Horatio however was just not my character. I would have liked to see less of him in the story.

The ending was fab and it really made me smile! It tied up all the storylines together and added something more! It was really sweet!

I am still loving the illustrations so so much! I kind of wish they were in colour because I want to see all the magical colours of the animals/creatures~

All in all, recommended to all! This was just so much fun! Cute, fun, and relatable~

Star rating, 4 stars

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