Review for Magical Rescue Vets: Holly the Flying Horse

Review for Magical Rescue Vets: Holly the Flying Horse

Magical Rescue Vets: Holly the Flying Horse by Melody Lockhart, Morgan Huff , children's books, clouds, horse, friendship, jealousy, Illustrations, Magic, Fantasy, Animals, CreaturesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Of course I couldn’t resist immediately reading the next book in the series as well! Blaze the Phoenix was tons of fun and I hoped that Holly the Flying Horse would just be as fun!

I love how each book switches between Kat and Rosie. In Blaze we had Rosie as MC and in this book we have Kat’s! I am a fan of both characters so it makes me happy seeing them both get the spotlight.

I have to say I was a tad confused by how we just seemingly skipped a whole bit of time. In the previous book we still read about the big vacation and how Rosie and Kat had so many fun adventures during that time and Rosie just really started her new school, and then in this book it is winter break and there is snow everywhere! It just felt very suddenly how we went from just after summer to winter. I would have liked a bit better transition, maybe this could have been a 5th book? And then a 4th with autumn?

And in this one the big thing is that Kat is jealous of a new girl, Lunella. I found it just so ridiculous that she was instantly jealous. Instantly OH NO she wants to go to the café, but that is OUR café. I just found it highly unfair and very un-Kat-like that she acted this. She doesn’t even know the girl and besides that, your friend is allowed other friends as well. You don’t have ownership of her. So yeah, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing more of this jealousy stuff… And yep, the jealousy continued and she did some no no things and made some harmful assumptions. I mean, yes there was a pinch of truth to it, but seriously? I just found it so rude and mean. Plus, I found how everything was solved a tad to easy and magical. It is a very picture perfect ending, I would have rather seen them talk just a bit more before deciding on that.

I just ADORED the flying library, hello, can I come visit as well? Please! Someone just make a portal to book stories, please!! I loved that books would come to you if you needed them by just whistling!

I loved the horse that was mentioned in the title! She was so cute and I was eager to see her flying again! Feel happy and OK! I loved how her role got bigger as the adventure continued.

And of course, just like with all the other books, we meet new creatures in the forest + get some new fun inventions! Next to Holly our flying horse, we also meet with Gingerbread folk and a bird that talks backwards! The teasel we met was one of my favourites, that one was just so cute! And there is a heated function to the carpet (which reminded me of a kotatsu) and there is another dazzling invention that I just wanted to step in. Oh, and I cannot forget the new places we went to! I just love seeing more of the forest and the surrounding parts. The world is so big and I cannot wait to discover more of it as the series continues~

I had a laugh at how they got the flutterpuffs to eat their medicines, it seems that everyone is the same when it is about icky medicines. XD

And the illustrations were wonderful again!

All in all, I am rating this a tad lower as I just wasn’t happy with Kat and her enormous silly jealousy, but other than that it was a fun part of the series and I loved the adventures and discovering new parts and seeing new creatures. It was very cute! Cannot wait for the next two books~

Star rating, 3 stars

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