Review for Mayor Bunny’s Chocolate Town

Review for Mayor Bunny’s Chocolate Town

Mayor Bunny's Chocolate Town by Elys Dolan, Elections, Chickens, Unicorn, Humour, Picture Book, Purple, Children's Book, Easter, Eggs, Politics, SillyMr Bunny is back! And this time he wants to paint the town chocolate.. or well, coat it is more like it. XD

Back in 2017 the first Mr Bunny book came out: Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory, a laugh-out-loud book about a factory where chocolate eggs are made. I loved that book so much and since 2020 I am re-reading it each Easter! I was so excited to see that Elys Dolan has a new Mr Bunny book out and I look forward to re-reading this one each year as well. One for Easter Day 1 and the other for Easter Day 2 (yes, we got two days).

Loved that even before the story started we get a glimpse at the town, see the factory, see the town. Plus, that dedication (to all the Debbies, oh my). Also to answer the question… yes. Yes you can have too much chocolate, haha. In this household we ate a tad too much Christmas stuff. XD I never thought I would say it. I am getting old. And then the story really kicks in and we are at the factory! Yes! I was exciting to see how things were going for the chickens (and the unicorn).
And then things take off very fast! Because the chickens want their town to look pretty again (I don’t blame them given how things look) and well, we all know how Mr Bunny is when he hears the word leader and being in charge… what follows is a fantastic campaign that had me in stitches. I am normally not a fan of politics but this? This was just oodles of fun. Though I also wanted to step in and throw some chocolate at Mr Bunny, because he went way too far with his campaign. Debbie (yes, yes she is the opposite party and I was just delighted) at least tried to be nice and make real promises. Tried to make her friends see that Mr Bunny’s promises weren’t going to happen and weren’t the best. But you know, chocolate is very yummy and well you can guess how things went!

Things escalate after the campaign and I was just laughing, those wasps and their bubbles were brilliant, especially those with emojis.

The ending just made me smile! I knew it would have a happy ending but I was still very curious to see how it would go! Definitely the perfect ending both for the chickens and Mr Bunny~

Just like all Elys Dolan books, her art is just fabulous! I loved seeing all those chickens + the outfits they sometimes wore. Plus points go to the cover as well, the shiny cover which remind me of Cadbury eggs and the back which is like a election wall which tons of fun posters with more references. Also look at those endpapers! Two wonderful pages full of chickens doing things, all sorts of things. Funny things.

All in all, a very chocolate filled fun book about elections, chocolate, chickens, and more! I really enjoyed it and laughed so so much~ Would highly recommend it to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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