Review for Nighttime for Just Us Two, Vol.1

Review for Nighttime for Just Us Two, Vol.1

Nighttime for Just Us Two, Volume 1 by Maki Miyoshi, Moon, Boy, Girl, Aliens, Space, Manga, WTF, Facial Expressions of NOPEI received this book from Netgalley/Kodansha in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this went from chill and vibing to WTH am I reading Higurashi/Mirai Nikki? Because seriously, Koga is fucking creepy and a big fat NOPE and his expressions, his actions, they just ruined the book. I went from a happy and vibing 4 star to 2.5 star, maybe even closer to 2 stars.

In this book we meet a girl who is apparently pretty invisible. No one can remember her or her name. Imagine her delight when someone remembers! However.. it is not her classmate Koga, instead it is an alien who can pop up as main guy when Koga is deep asleep. And so begins a friendship between a girl who just wants to have friends and peeps to remember her and an alien who is confused about this Earth he is stuck on now. The first parts of the manga were just so cute and I loved how Chiro was trying to learn all there is. From Splatoon (he is not good at that) to figuring out food and other things. I had a laugh at how he convinced Miyako he was an alien. I guess the dude also makes for a good night-light. XD

I really loved Chiro and Miyako’s conversations and loved that he spoke up for her in class when her name was misspoken again. I love how he is always radiant and sweet. And I love how he accepted her and she accepted them.

In the mean time we see how different Koga and Chiro are. And they are really night and day.

As I said, not a fan of Koga. I wasn’t already that vibing with the boy. Not a big fan of popular kids. However, when he learns of the alien… he just goes full psycho. And yes, I can understand that you are scared, that you are worried, angry that someone entered your body. But WTF at this. He threatens our MC, blackmails her, makes fun of her, corners her, makes sure she indebted to him, and more. His facial expressions, well just check out this thread on Twitter that I made while reading:
As you can see we are going full Higurashi/Mirai Nikki/insert another scary anime. Again, I can somehow understand it, but I think I would have liked it better if he was a bit more chill with it. Especially since Chiro is totally a sweetiepie and even tries to make Koga OK with him. Writing diary entries, making videos, trying to explain he isn’t doing harm, that he is just stuck and also wants to get out. That he is now respecting Koga more because he saw that his curiosity got Koga to be too tired. Plus, Koga’s expressions just totally don’t fit with the vibe the earlier parts had and with the cover. It really ruined the mood and the story for me.

And really the art was for most really good. I loved the parts with Miyako and Chiro at night, they were so pretty. But sadly, the facial expressions for Koga and several other parts just weren’t my thing.

I am still very confused by everything. And unhappy with how things went from vibing and sweet to dark and deredere. I am not going to be reading this manga any further, sadly.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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