Review for Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Vol. 2

Review for Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Vol. 2

Our Not-So-Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Volume 2, Mone Sorai, Travelling, LGBT, Romance, Manga, CuteI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The boys are back and you cannot believe how FREAKING HYPED I am!! Omg, I just love this series, the first volume was just chef kiss. I was excited to see where the boys would go this time and if we would get some more romantic times. Oh yes!

In this book we travel to Finaland (chapter 7), Germany (chapters 8-10), France (chapter 11), and Italy (chapters 12-14). I love that they are visiting Europe because I live there. Haha, if only they had visited The Netherlands, now that would have been so cool! Would have loved to see them in one of the cities (though then again most tourists just go boring to Amsterdam).

OMG, that second panel btw, it was so suggestive, I was just momentarily stunned and then I read on to find out they were in a sauna. But just look at this! Wouldn’t you think something else? Tell me I am not the only one with the mind in the gutter here? XD
Our Not So Lonely Travel Guide, LGBT, Romance, Not What You Think, Hot and Steamy

Back to the story. The first chapter is all about Finland! Yummy food and the Northern Lights. Oh man, those are also high up on my list, hopefully one day when things are normal I can visit the  countries that have it! I just adored this chapter especially when we meet another same sex couple who was very enthusiastic and cute!

The next three chapters are, as I said, about Germany. It was quite a chapter that started so ominously! Mitsuki gets sick which worried the heck out of me! Thankfully the boys get help and that made me smile. Seeing that someone who doesn’t know them helps them out and it helps that he can speak Japanese because his wife is from Japan. I loved seeing our duo and the man and wife who helped have a fun time! With of course plenty of food and sightseeing~ I was SO jealous when they visited a Christmas market. OMG, I want to go to! I loved the sparkle and the amazement in the eyes of the boys as they browsed~

And then we are going to France (again, why not just pop by The Netherlands and Belgium, come on!) and of course visit the Eiffel Tower. Haha, I don’t blame them. As soon as I get to visit Paris I will do the same. XD I had a laugh at the Mona Lisa, yep, I haven’t seen it but I heard the tales on how tiny it is. And I loved that they didn’t just visit Paris, but also went to visit other parts! I hope that they learn from this experience though, always check if something is open so you are not disappointed. I learned from the time I went to London and found at the Big Ben was wrapped up. With some difficult searching I found some articles, so it wasn’t my fault per se.

Next up is Italy! Yas! And I had a laugh at Mitsuki. Knows almost zero English… but is fluent in Italian. Which I didn’t expect and Asahi didn’t either. Haha. Loved that it was his plan all along. Oh Mitsuki, never change! I had fun seeing them travel through Italy and visit all sorts of gorgeous places. Including VENICE!! Sorry, I am just so hyped because I love the city and I love seeing it through their eyes, making me wish I could go again! Though I wouldn’t recommend the gondolas, haha, I just love how in each book that is featured, but really.. the prices are MESSED UP. And we were disappointed that we couldn’t go. 😐

Next to travel there is plenty of romance, beautiful scenes with the two of them together, but they also meet many people along their way. We see conversations about LGBT romance, about love, about the places they visit, about food (of course), and much more. We see also how our couple gets together more and more with each country, they talk, they discuss, they worry, they really are growing. I really enjoyed those conversations  they just gave the travelling experience something extra and I am all in for it!

The art was gorgeous. Yes, sometimes the faces are a bit weird, but in overall I am enjoying the art! Especially when they zoom in on details or when there are backgrounds, holy wow!

All in all, I could talk on and on about this wonderful, sweet, romantic book, but I will just keep it at this. Say that everyone should read this one!

Star rating, 5 stars

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