Review for Possums Are Not Cute!

Review for Possums Are Not Cute!

Possums Are Not Cute!, Ally Burguieres, Possum, Non-fiction, Cute, Interesting, Possum, Animals, Bath, Duckie, AnimalsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

“You’d think the potential of leaving prints might discourage possums from committing crimes. unfortunately, possums don’t care about consequences or getting caught.”

I just love Possums. Never saw one in the wild (don’t have them here), but I have seen them at zoos and on adorable photographs on the internet and in books, so I just had to pick up this book.

In this book we find out all about the darling Possum. From where they are from and how they travelled over the world to the story of Sesame the one who started the author’s interest in possums and her dedication to protect them/make sure the world knows about possums. We read about how good they are for the environment (eating all the stuff). We read how the love to scream and play dead (though the play dead part apparently is more anxiety than acting like I thought it was XD). There is also plenty on the history of these animals. We learn all about every part of the possums anatomy from top to bottom (I learned that their ears start colourless and then turn to black/dark with age). Plus, myths get busted so hard!
This book is packed with all sorts of information on the possum and it was just all very interesting to read. I looked forward to each new page. I learned a whole bunch of new things and it made me very happy!

I love how each section is like Possums are NOT insert something but then contradicts that as soon as the next page. XD Just like the title.

And of course there is a big message, yes, possums are adorable… but you should just leave them in the wild. Don’t get them as a pet. Love that we get some tips and advice on how to protect and champion them. I really enjoyed reading those, though of course, none are applicable to me as we don’t have them here in the wild and I am sure the zoo ones don’t need help. XD

I also cannot forget the ADORABLE FREAKING ADORABLE OMG OMG SOOO CUTE photographs!!! cough Sorry, inner fangirl got out for a bit. The photographs are just the best and I loved it when they popped up (along with a fun caption). Oh, and I cannot forget the illustrations. There aren’t many, but the ones we see, I just love the style and how cute it all is (well, OK except that one with the paws, that just was a bit no for me).

All in all, HIGHLY recommended, this book was just a joy to read. Motivational, fun, cute, interesting, well-written. If you love possums and want to know more about them, be sure to check out this book!

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