Review for Sakura’s Dedication, Vol. 1

Review for Sakura’s Dedication, Vol. 1

Sakura's Dedication, Vol. 1 by Fuyu Yukimiya, Romance, Robotic, Scripted, Manga, Boy, Girl, Dates,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was definitely in the mood for a shoujo manga and this one sounded really fun! In the end, still quite fun, but not a favourite.

But given that the manga is called Sakura’s Dedication and the first chapter was all about him wooing her… I had expected more wooing. Maybe up to chapter 3? Don’t make it the whole volume as that may get old, but I think it would have been a better transition if it took just a bit longer. Especially given her feelings and how she was so strongly against it. It was just way too fast in my eyes. From NO to OK fine, let’s date.

I also just didn’t feel any chemistry between the two, that also didn’t help for me. Sakura is pretty robotic, at times we see a bit of emotion here and there, but for most he just seems to go through the motions of liking/loving someone and that just was a shame. I do hope that as the story goes on he warms up and becomes a bit more emotional. This is also why I loved loved the 4koma at the end because we could clearly see he was affected and see him all sparkly, which is a real change of some small smiles and stiffness. I think if we had seen those emotions in the manga… I would have liked him just a bit more.

Also, while I could relate to several of Sawa’s things (I still remember how I was at the start of the relationship with my now-husband), at times it just got too much. Plus, given how robotic he seemed, she was all emotions, and it just felt like done on purpose/way too scripted. And that is a shame.

I still think that these two could find that spark! I mean I can see why they are attracted to each other and the dates were pretty cute, but I just hope that the two of them become more natural and Sakura a tad more feeling/having more emotions.

I so wanted to kick Sawa’s ex a few times, what a little dickweed that dude is. Bleh. Cannot imagine why she was with him.

The art however was just so pretty and I especially enjoyed Sawa’s expressions!

All in all, I am still interested in reading the rest of the series. Again, I want to see them to get closer and see that spark appear!

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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