Review for The Wizard and Me: More Misadventures of Bubbles the Guinea Pig

Review for The Wizard and Me: More Misadventures of Bubbles the Guinea Pig

The Wizard and Me: More Misadventures of Bubbles the Guinea Pig (The Misadventures of Merdyn the Wild) by Simon Farnaby, Claire Powell , Blue, Humour, Children's Books, Guinea Pig, Magic, FantasyA hilarious laugh-out-loud novella for World Book Day featuring Bubbles the Guinea Pig~

I really liked The Wizard and Me’s first book and it featured the kind of character that I often don’t like. Namely a talking animal/pet. But Bubbles? Bubbles was just perfect. Not annoying (or at least not too much), very fun, very sweet. So I was excited when I learned that for World Book Day 2022 there would be a novella with Bubbles as the MC.

And in this book we follow Bubbles. We see how he got to talking, we see how he is making full use of it to get snacks at a pet store (a very hilarious idea that actually worked), we see how he gets in adventures (from snot to bullie), and how much he loves his owner Rose (even if she at times forgets to give him food, or well, to put it more nuanced, Bubbles just loves food so much and for him it is quite often feeding time). I loved that this was a diary and that Rose gave him a Dictaphone so he could record things which I found very sweet of her. I had a bit of a laugh that while it seems there are many days in here.. actually it is a short time because Bubbles keeps adding parts to his days. Here is Day 2 – after pooing. XD

I had tons of fun following Bubbles on his adventures and I found myself rooting for him when he was doing that to the bullies. OH yes!

And poor Bob, who is now utterly confused, because guinea pigs shouldn’t be talking… but he keeps hearing a voice.

I was also happy to see Merdyn and didn’t mind that we got some rehashed scenes from the first book. I mean, we get to see it from Bubbles POV, so I don’t mind.

There is a lot of talk about poops and wees. But I can forgive that. This is about a guinea pig. Believe me, I think if I let my hamsters talk they would also go on about it.

I also enjoyed the fun art by Claire Powell! I had such a big laugh at the expressions on Bubbles face at times. Oh dear~

I would highly recommend this book to all, this was just too much fun! I hope that the author writes more books about Bubbles, I can foresee some more adventures in the future!

Star rating, 5 stars

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