Review for Yagi the Bookshop Goat

Review for Yagi the Bookshop Goat

Yagi the Bookshop Goat by Fumi Furukawa, Sex, Romance, LGBT, Cute, Animals, MangaI received this book from Netgalley/Publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just cannot resist manga about bookstores! I just have to read them! And this one sounded adorable featuring a goat that eats books… but shouldn’t. XD

😍 I had such a laugh each time Yagi ate a book and see him realise that yes, he ate that book. Haha. Sometimes it just stays with bites but it can happen that he just noms the whole book in one go.
😍 I loved that he tried to be better and tried to not eat books. Though maybe he shouldn’t eat receipts and such either to compensate.
😍 Loved how hard Yagi worked! He really is showing that despite being a goat and officially banned from anything with books (which saddens me but I can also understand) he really loves books and works hard to promote them. I mean he really did something amazing with the children’s books section!
😍 The art was really fun and fitted well with the story. The sex scenes were also well done.
😍 That cover is adorable!
😍 I loved Chita, she was just so sweet and I loved how she was there for Yagi and how their friendship really evolved to them calling each other even when they weren’t at work.
😍 It reminded me of a sweeter/nicer Beast Stars along with a big dash of Book Girl. The carnivores/herbivores are living in peace. There are zones. Then there is Yagi eating books and apparently able to taste books in a way that Tokho also could!
😍 Bookstores!! This one takes mostly place in a bookstore!
😍 Yaoi! I hadn’t expected that. Haha. I just thought with charming he meant doing something adorable to get to work. Not charm the wolf to also do some other things!
😍 YAOI WITH CONSENT!! YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I have read so many yaoi and so many are iffy with consent and filled with bad things, but in this one? Consent baby! Two consenting adults doing sexy things! I was just so happy! Even after that one night stand Ookami asked Yagi kindly if he wanted this and that he would go slowly and be careful.
😍 Loved that Ookami casually answered the cards that Yagi had made when they started dating. Had a laugh at the last one (and maybe it was a tad of a worried laugh).

😐 The flashbacks could have gone better. At one point even Yagi gets harassed by someone, he gets saved by Ookami-kun, and then boom flashback to when he gets his clothes/starts working at the bookstore. However, there was no warning it just flowed easily into the harassment story and I had to re-read 3 times to see it was a flashback.

All in all, I need book 2! I want more of the bookstore, I need more of these two and their relationship!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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