The Easter Book Tag (2022 Edition)

The Easter Book Tag (2022 Edition)

Hi all~

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Happy Easter all, hope everyone is having a great day~

I wanted to do an Easter tag today, but it seems there are only two themed Easter tags, we so need more! So I thought I would do the one I did in 2020 again and put in some new answers!

Let’s get started hops around and throws some yummy choco eggs to her readers

Rabbits: a book you wish would multiply
Your Guide to Not Getting Murdered in a Quaint English Village by Maureen Johnson (Goodreads Author), Jay Cooper , Red, Murder, Humour, Guide, English
Ah yes, this tough question. Haha. I got so many books I would love more of! So many great books that don’t get sequels (or get them way too late and I am not interested any more *looks at We Were Liars and Dante/Aristotle). I will pick this book! This was oodles of fun and I would love to see another guide like this, maybe of another part of the English country. *crosses fingers*
Egg: a book that surprised you
Win Lose Kill Die, Cynthia Murphy, boarding school, young adult, check list, murder ,mystery
This one!! This one surprised me so much! It is my first Cynthia Murphy book and I wasn’t sure what to expect. OK, sure, boarding school and murder, but it was so much more than that. Twists and turns. Uncertainty on who to trust. It was just perfection!
Hunt: a book that was hard to get your hands on
The Midwest Survival Guide: How We Talk, Love, Work, Drink, and Eat . . . Everything with Ranch by Charlie Berens, Vanessa Montano , Orange, hUmour, Non-fiction
Phew, that isn’t a hard anymore, not with how crappy Amazon is lately. Haha. The book above? Came out in November last year… I pre-ordered it a few weeks before… and it still isn’t here. Or in stock.
Lambs: a children’s book you still enjoy
Well, I haven’t read any children’s books of mine the past 2 years. Just busy with getting through the days, reading library books, Netgalley stuff, and my own newer books (or re-read manga).
Spring: a book’s cover that makes you think ‘Spring’
Fangirl, Mental Health Fanfiction, Pink, Boy, Girl, Laptop, College, Twins, Sister, Family, Rainbow Rowell
Using this answer from 2020 because I 100% still agree with this one! Definitely Fangirl and all its limited colours. The lovely pastel colours to me just SCREAM spring.
Baskets: a book that’s in your Amazon wishlist
Scout's Honor by Lily Anderson, monsters, fantasy, parasites, young adult, lgbt, scouts, blood, knife,Wow in the World: Wow in the Wild: The Amazing World of Animals by Mindy Thomas, Guy Raz, Jack Teagle, Green, Science, Animals, Humour, Children's BooksSuch a Good Liar by Sue Wallman, Young Adult, Mystery, Island, Storm, Thriller, Blue, Necklace, Blood
I just cannot pick one book, so here are three of them! These three are HIGH on the list of books I would love to buy! Two horror/thrillers and one book of which I loved the first one of and I am so excited that they made a second book, this time about animals!
Candy: a book that’s sweet
Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny by Emily Ann Davison, Deborah Allwright , Bunnies, ADHD, Yoga, Cute, Picture Book, Forest, Spring, Children's Books Dekoboko Bittersweet Days (Dekoboko Sugar Days #2) by Atsuko Yusen, Manga, LGBT, Romance, Sex, Boys, Cute,
Here are two of my recent favourites that were just the cutest, the sweetest, so soft and so adorable! Especially the manga, so sweet that your teeth may just pop out. XD

There we go! I won’t tag anyone because this tag has been around for a while! But if you are up to it, be sure to let me know, I would love to see everyone’s answers~ I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Enjoy all the chocolate, eggs, and more! Stay safe~

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