Waiting on Wednesday ~ Fever Knights by Adam Ellis

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Fever Knights by Adam Ellis


Happy Wednesday all! Welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday, today I am eagerly waiting for Fever Knights by Adam Ellis!

Haha, I was actually planning on doing a WoW on one of Darcy Coates books! I recently got approved for Gallows Hill and today I thought I would see if maybe From Below was there too. I didn’t expected to get an approval again and so soon! So I guess I will be doing my WoW on something else, something that I don’t immediately have to read. XD

So today’s book of choice is Fever Knights by Adam Ellis! I have been following Adam on Twitter for a while, been reading his comics for some time (love love his horror stuff), and so I was superdupermega hyped when I saw he was going to be releasing a graphic novel! A story told as a video game strategy guide (which just brings back all the nostalgia vibes of getting such a guide when I was playing games). The story sounds really fun and promises adventure, magic, friendship, a big giant mystery, and more! Plus, oodles (loving that world lately) of lovely Adam Ellis art! Now I just need to wait until May, which, surprisingly, isn’t that far away. Haha, really, it feels like April just started but actually it is almost ending!

Fever Knights: Official Fake Strategy Guide by Adam EllisWhat happened at Starfish Beach?

Finneus had plans to surf every day of summer vacation until a mysterious accident at Starfish Beach took his arm and left him with almost no memory of exactly what happened. Now, strange things have been occurring all around Toro Island, and Finn and his friends are going to get to the bottom of it!

Structured like an old-school video game strategy guide, Fever Knights unravels the mystery of the uncanny events affecting Toro Island as Finn and his friends look for answers, making allies, and fighting enemies, using their skills, teamwork, and strange new powers to figure out what happened at Starfish Beach and what they can do to save their home.

With Adam Ellis’s vibrant comic illustrations, witty humor, richly detailed world building, and a fantastical cast of characters, Fever Knights is the best game you’ve never played.

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