What I Hope To Read May 2022

What I Hope To Read May 2022

Afternoon all~

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Welcome all to a new What I Hope To Read post! May is coming up fast and I got TONS of books I would love to check out in the month of May.

April just flew by and it was quite a fun month! Easter. Beautiful weather. 3 year anniversary of us living in this house. Getting a new hamster named Gwen (will be posting pictures on Twitter and introducing her formally on there when I can, she is still quite shy). Reading books. Gardening. As for books I wanted to read? Well… that didn’t go much as planned. I did manage to read 1 of them, others either were too expensive on Amazon, not available on Amazon, or won’t be releasing until after this post. XD So I guess I got plenty to read given how March also wasn’t a success. Oh, well I won’t be bored any time soon. XD

As for May, BOY I am HYPED! I got so so so many releases that I am eagerly waiting for and I am sure I am missing out on several (because finding children’s book releases is hard).I got a few books that are HIGH on my list (The Counsellors, Out of the Water, Fever Knights). I also have quite a nice few Dutch releases that I am looking forward to, including several sequels to series that I love.

Again, no pre-orders. Amazon is still very finicky/fickle.

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Fever Knights: Official Fake Strategy Guide by Adam EllisOnce Upon a K-Prom by Kat Cho , Romance, Asian, Cute, Music, Twins, Prom, Boy, Girl, StarsFlip the Script by Lyla Lee , Pink, Girl, Young Adult, LGBT, K-drama, Movie, Asian, ROmanceSuch a Good Liar by Sue Wallman, Young Adult, Mystery, Island, Storm, Thriller, Blue, Necklace, BloodOut of the Blue by Jason June, LGBT, Romance, Merman, Fantasy, Mythology, Young Adult, Swimming PoolThe Counselors, Jessica Goodman, Thriller, Murder, Mystery, Friendship, Summer Camp, Swimsuit, Sunglasses, Blood, WhistleHide by Kiersten White , Horror, Amusement Park, Hide and Seek, Money, Price, Yellow, Ferris Wheel, Roots, Scary

2 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read May 2022

  1. That sounds like you had a great month. And yay for the new hamster! That’s great. I hope you will have lots of joy with her. 🙂
    I think I have seen one or two of these books but I haven’t read any of them. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, my mind is just so full at the moment!
      Thank you, so far she is growing to be a lot more cuddly and comfortable around us!
      Oh which books *is curious*~ Thank you, hope I can read some May books soon! *stares at Amazon*

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