Library Haul ~ 13-5-2022 (Library #1)

Library Haul ~ 13-5-2022 (Library #1)

Afternoon all!

A summery welcome to a new Library #1 haul! Yesterday I visited this fab library again~

It was high time to go again and the weather agreed with me, it was gorgeous out and so I picked up my bicycle and hop I went to Library #1 to get me some new books (or I hope at least).

It was pretty quiet at the library and I had fun walking around, and right from the bat I noticed Het meisje de kat en het bos and made a dash to it! It was a book I had on my list for a while and I am excited to find it at this library. Next I found a few books over at the children’s book section, including a few that I had spotted on the website of Library #2 but which they didn’t have in stock. So you can imagine my delight, now I can still read these books, no waiting! My luck continued over at the YA section, I found The Revelry there, a book that I wanted to read ever since it came out. Thanks for adding more English books, Library #1, love ya~

I also found a few other books over at other place and I am just delighted at what I found yesterday. I am glad that I decided to just go for it instead of opting to stay home (haven’t slept a lot the past few days so yawn this girl is tired). Now I got plenty of books to read, cannot wait to start them.. now though… which one to read first!

STATS: 12 books. 3 non-fiction, 1 comic, 1 picture book, 7 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, CuteThe Revelry by Katherine Webber
Vergeet mij niet by Janny van der Molen
Hamley is jarig by Sandra J. Paul
Het meisje, de kat en het bos by Mala Kacenberg
Weg van het water by Linda Westendorp
Terug naar Japan by Anne Sey
Julia and the Shark by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, Tom de Freston
Mijn zus is mijn schat by Kelly Theunis, Annelies Vandenbosch
Het saaiste boek ter wereld by Steven Gielis
Stamppot met sambal by Monique Boon, Jeroen Krul
De kleine Alexander by Bart Proost
Den Haag 1945-1970 by Dick Brongers

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