Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 11-5-2022

Netgalley TBR Updates ~ 11-5-2022

Hi all!

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Welcome to a new Netgalley TBR Updates! Yep! After 2 months I am back again with this post!

I have a whole pile of new shiny books to read on Netgalley! I am so excited about them all that it is hard to pick which one to read first! Darcy Coates? The Sumo books I got a few days ago? The cute rainbow picture book? There is one book that is important to read, namely the Kelly deVos book as I have to read that before June 13th, but that is still some time away so I got time.

March and April have been good Netgalley months, but May is also shaping up to be a great one! Since I haven’t posted since March the 10th there have been other books that I got accepted for but I read those very soon after getting them. They are manga, photography books, or graphic novels and I am always in the mood for those. The books on my shelves now are for most full novels and it always takes me a bit to get to reading those.

There is one book on there that is still from my last Netgalley TBR Updates, namely The Ghost That Ate Us. I just gave up on reading that one. It sounds bad, but the font is tiny, there is tons and tons of text and my eyes and head are just hurting. If it had been an epub I would have read it already because the little bits I read were actually very good. For now I am just waiting for the hardcover/paperback to come out (and hopefully have a decent price) so I can buy it for my collection and then read it.

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Netgalley, TBR, Reading, Books

Thank you all for reading! Let me know if you want these posts more often, I can see if I can do one monthly or bi-weekly. Wish me luck with my new stack and let me know what looks good to you on my pile~

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