Review for A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size

Review for A Dude’s Guide to Baby Size

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just ADORE, LOVE, the Dude Dad videos. My husband and I watch them together and we always look forward to new videos. From happy ones to silly ones to sweet ones. We are fans! So when we learned about the book we were both really hyped, it sounded hilarious and we needed it. Imagine my delight when I was browsing Netgalley and saw the book there. Oh my gosh, you don’t know how much hoping and crossing my fingers and praying I did. I got the book! And it was just as wonderful as I had hoped. Will definitely buy it for myself and my hubby when it comes out. Then he can also read it (and I can read it again).

A lot of pregnancy books indeed go for fruits or whatever else is sweet/cute, but not Taylor. Oh no, I was so looking forward to each week and see what item he would select then. To tell us how big the baby is at that moment. From a BB to a Six-Pound Brisket to Small Yippee Dog. I just laughed so much, sometimes saying out loud (which made my husband laugh): “Oh Taylor, no, you didn’t just compare your baby to x.” I loved his choices, very fitting!

But the what size is your baby in x item/food/etc. isn’t just to show you how big it your baby is that week. Oh no, with each item/food/etc. we also get a wonderful chapter inspired by that item/food/etc. With inspiring stories, anecdotes about Taylor’s parents and youth, about his kids, about Heidi and relationships, and so much more. I really enjoyed learning more about Taylor and I loved the anecdotes. Like with the circular saw we read about the tree house his dad made, about his family, about the tool and what it does. It just all clicked together.

Next to those anecdotes/inspiring stories we also get a lot of information on the baby and what is happening that particular week. What kind of changes are happening in the baby, and also in the wife. How to anticipate what is happening, to what to do during the weeks, how to prepare, to also what not to say (which had me laughing and nodding along), and much more! I loved how he explained everything, not a boring speech, but instead a really fun explanation that was really in style with how he does things in his videos.

There are also quotes from Heidi, playlists, and some other fun tidbits~

It doesn’t happen that often, but in this book? It felt like Taylor was just grabbing a chair next to me, popping open a beer, and then lay the whole pregnancy stuff out for me, in his way, the dude dad way. It was perfect.

All in all, this book will be loved by many! I can feel it. It is inspirational, funny, sweet, adorable, made me cry, and I would recommend it to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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    1. I would recommend them, they are inspirational, cute, funny, silly. Always guaranteed to bring a smile. Hope you enjoy them!

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