Review for A Mouse Called Miika

Review for A Mouse Called Miika

A Mouse Called Miika (Christmas #1.5) by Matt Haig , children's Books, Mouse, Magic, Fantasy“An impossibility is just a possibility you don’t understand yet” – Father Topo

While I have yet to read book 1 and 2, I did read book 3 and both the books about The Truth Pixie. So when I saw this adorable book from the series, this time about a mouse called Miika, I just knew I had to get it. I knew it wouldn’t matter that I still need to read a few books! I knew I would enjoy this~

And I did! I mean, for one this is about a mouse and I just love mice! For two, despite this taking place in summer, this is a Christmas village and you can just feel the Christmas magic ooze everywhere. For three, I do love a good book about self-discovery and finding yourself.

Meet Miika, a small little mouse who used to have no name because of how big his family was but thanks to Nikolas Miika got a name + more! And in this book we follow Miika on his way to find himself. I loved Miika instantly. He was such a fun character and I really loved how brave and sweet he was. And when he became magic… I just had fun seeing him discover his powers. He had a big love for cheese and I loved that he was looking forward to cheeses. I think that is also why he just went for the dangerous plot that Bridget the Brave cooked up.

I was also rooting for Miika to find himself. Especially now after being drimwicked and thus becoming half mouse/half magic (all epic). I am happy I was able to go on this journey with Miika and see him discover new ways to do things. To figure out where his place is. To find his home. To be happy!

I was a 100% not fan of Bridget the Brave! I mean, I love her name. I love that she speaks up and isn’t going to be shy. But I didn’t like how she pushed Miika. Made him feel bad if he didn’t want to do anything, using the I am your only friend card heavily. I didn’t like how she just wouldn’t see that elves and the others aren’t that bad. Instead she kept badmouthing them even though she knew that Miika cared about them. I just wanted to shove a giant snowball into her face. 😐 She should be renamed to Bridget the Rude. Or Bridget the Angry.

So I found myself rooting for Miika to see the truth. See that Bridget is toxic. Yes. It is a friendship with a mouse, and you clearly want that, but this is just not healthy. I was just hoping that he would just find the courage to shout NO at her. To tell her the truth. To tell her that she can just go on dangerous stuff herself.

The part with the trolls, OH MY GOSH, I loved it. It brought a sense of danger to the book! An extra spice bit of spice to make the book even better~

The ending made me smile and yes, I also teared up just a bit. It was just a great ending to a great book. A book that I flew through in one go. I just HAD to read it and finish it.

Love, love, loved the illustrations!

I would highly recommend this lovely book full of magic, trolls, tons of yummy cheese, elves, and self-discovery to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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