Review for Bootsleg, Vol.1

Review for Bootsleg, Vol.1

Bootsleg, Volume 1 (Bootsleg #1) by Suzuhito Yasuda, Action, Fights, Battle, Fantasy, Manga, Shoes, Kick-assI received this book from Netgalley/Kodansha in exchange of an honest review.

So, I normally don’t pick up shounen manga, but the cover, the blurb, and OH YES the fact that it is by the creator of Yozakura Quartet!!!!! I just needed to pick this up. Make another exception again for a shounen manga.

AND BOY did it start off fantastic! We see our MC along with his sister and parents at the town square. There is a hand in the middle of it… and what should you NOT do when you see a hand? That is right shakey shake the hand. What happens next was gruesome, exciting, and made me want to keep on reading!

Cue to a few years later and we see how the town is doing now! The main square is now mostly abandoned. Well, only one store/place remains and well, given how the person running it is.. I don’t blame her, I would also have stuck around! I loved seeing our MC again and see how he is doing. See that he is training hard to get stronger. Better. Faster. Our MC is very likeable. Very sweet, determined, not giving up, but also making time for friends and family. Helping out everyone he can. Yep, a pretty typical shounen MC. Add to that he isn’t always the smartest. XD I was rooting so much for the MC. To find his power. To kick some major butt. To get his revenge.

There is a lot happening and I was all in it! There is never a dull moment, we go from meeting that creepy hands dude again to the organisation (and tons of shoes) to WOW, there was so much. I thought I may get bored as this manga is 300+ pages long and that is pretty long for a single volume manga, but if anything I was fully invested! And haha, it was just as over the top/crazy/WTF as Yozakura Quartet!

Lily? Lily is SO SO my favourite character. Yes, the MC was kick-ass and pretty cool, but you just cannot do better than a nurse doing fighting moves without even blinking an eye. I loved that she was training our MC, that she was there for him in harder times. She was sweet and kicks butt, yas!

But I also liked the other characters. Elio, Masamune, the lady running the shoe shop (and much more than that), everyone are such awesome and interesting characters. Even the baddies are interesting and I love their designs and how each of the hands is doing something different.

The battle scenes were written and illustrated to perfection. Some mangaka can just make these so fantastic!

The art was wonderful and I just love the style. It is very much like Quartet~

The ending, OH MY, I need more! That was an exciting and great ending.

All in all, I would love to chat more as there is so much happening in this one, but I don’t want to give too much away, haha. So you will just have to read this amazing manga! I cannot WAIT for the next volume.

Star rating, 5 stars

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