Review for Doctorsaurus

Review for Doctorsaurus

Doctorsaurus by Emi-Lou May, Leire Martin, Dinosaurs, Doctor, Funny, Children's Books, Poop, Ambulance, Picture BookWhen you are in dinosaur time who you gonna call when you have an ouchie? Doctorsaurus!

I just LOVE dinosaurs, so this was something I just had to give a shot when I spotted it on a hunt for new picture books to read! Add to that that this dinosaur is a doctor and fixing dinosaurs left and right, love it~

In this book we meet our Doctorsaurus as she helps out several dinosaurs, four in total! From a triceratops who was too enthusiastic and broke their horn (OUCH) to a snotty T-rex (even wearing a cosy scarf). Our doctor can handle anything and I loved how fast she was there to help! And I love all the ways she helped them out.

I really had a snicker at seeing such a big dinosaur as Doctorsaurus in a tiny little red ambulance.

I loved that in the end they had a celebration for the doctor, that is so sweet of them to thank her for all she did!

And that ending, haha, well that was kind of expected, though I hadn’t expected it any more. I think kids will love that it ends on that note. XD

The art was really fun and I love how the dinosaurs were drawn. The facial expressions were great and I love the colours~

All in all, this book will sure be a hit with little ones, but also bigger ones who love dinosaurs grins. I would recommend this dino-doctor-tastic book to all.

Star rating, 4 stars

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