Review for Genie and Teeny: Wishful Thinking

Review for Genie and Teeny: Wishful Thinking

Genie and Teeny: Wishful Thinking, Humour, Children's Book, Illustrations, Animals, Genie, WishesTeeny and our Genie are back in a pet/wish-chaos story full of humour~

As soon as I could I bought the second book in this fun series! I really enjoyed the first book and I looked forward to seeing what kind of chaos and hilarious situations our duo would get in next!

And in this book we don’t just have Genie and Teeny! Oh no, we also have Tilly, the owner of Teenie. And there is a bully who steals the teapot (or lamp as Grant calls it). There will be chaos at school and while I wasn’t a fan of the bully, I did have a laugh about his wishes and how Grant tried to fulfil them (and we all know that Grant isn’t the best at fulfilling wishes). Given the blurb I thought Grant had accidentally given the bully three wishes… but in fact the bully rubbed the lamp… and we all know the rules then! Grant has to fulfil them even if he doesn’t want to.

In the meantime Tilly and Teeny are trying to find Grant and find all the chaos along the way!

And then there is the bring your pet to school day (which would have me reacting in the same snotty way as the head of the school) + a parade! Well, lots of hilarity ensues when we get to that part and I was just laughing my butt off!

The only thing I had, and something that I also said about other books, I am just not a fan of, oh look at that poor bully, he is just sad and misunderstood and you should like him because he isn’t so bad. Maybe if I hadn’t been bullied a long time in my life would I think that is cool, but for now, I just hate it.

I did love the ending to the book, both what happens with Tilly and that we see the inside of the teapot, but also with the mom! Oh my! I definitely need book 3 now to see how that one is going to go!

The illustrations were once again fab and I love the style!

All in all, I really had fun reading and I laughed, giggled, and smiled a lot while reading. It is a shame of the bully stuff, but I guess that is hip and happening these days. I would recommend the book to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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