Review for Grimwood: Five Freakishly Funny Fables: World Book Day 2022

Review for Grimwood: Five Freakishly Funny Fables: World Book Day 2022

Grimwood: Five Freakishly Funny Fables: World Book Day 2022 by Nadia Shireen, Short Stories, Humour, Spring, Animals, Children's BookA delightfully funny novella featuring 5 fun fables told by peeps from Grimwood! Also talking potatoes!

I have had my eye on the Grimwood series for a while now, but I just wasn’t sure yet. So when I saw that for World Book Day there would be a small novella out with stories in the Grimwood… I had to get it! If I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be a too big of a loss. But I can tell you that after reading it… there is just one thing I want now and that is to read the rest!

In this cute novella it is time for a party! It is time for The Great Capering, a fun party/festival to celebrate Spring! Yep, I loved that! Hadn’t expected that I would get a story perfect for the season we are currently in, that made things even more fun for me!~ What the party is all about? Well, food for instance. Campfires for another instance. But also tons of fun stories! Each animal is allowed to tell a story, if they hold the talking potato that is. And the stories were just hilarious and silly. Some really fully went for it, others didn’t seem to care much and just told a story about a coin. XD I really liked the stories and I was looking forward to each new one! I think my favourite would be Nancy’s story. I just love superheroes (with or without a cape).

I also never felt like I missed something, OK, sure, maybe a bit, but for most we get some information on the two foxes and how they came to live in Grimwood! I am happy that the author added this to the book.

That talking potato thing? I hadn’t expected to go that route and then swerve 180 degrees to that ending. Haha. I was just like WAIT WAIT what?? I love it though, but it just came out of the blue!

I also love the art! It was so much fun!

All in all, I guess it is now time to get the full book from this series~ Because I am curious what happened before all of this, get to know the characters better! Plus, I would recommend this funny novella to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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