Review for Having an Idol-Loving Boyfriend Is the Best!, Vol. 1

Review for Having an Idol-Loving Boyfriend Is the Best!, Vol. 1

Having an Idol-Loving Boyfriend Is the Best! Vol. 1 by Mito Aoi, Idol, Romance, Manga, Boy, Girl, MusicI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was already hoping for tons of cuteness and there we have it! Two idol otaku start dating, I am still seeking the chemistry, but I do see it slowly appear, plus, it was just so much fun to read~

In this fun book we meet Akari and Onda-san. Co-workers and outside work friends (because Onda is so military at work), oh and sometime in the manga also lovers. Or at least on trial base. Yep. I love that she at least tried this relationship out, I can imagine it must be weird to think your best friend is being with you because you also love idols and you both stan the heck out of them, and then suddenly get confessed by that guy. Will it work out? Especially with how Onda is at work?

I had fun reading about this couple, yes, I still am searching for the spark, it appears at times but not fully there yet, I do think that it can appear though. Both are figuring out things, about each other, about being idol stans AND dating, going from friends/co-workers to something more, maybe. Which is a big step from an other manga I read earlier, here I do see the potential, and again there are also other factors so that I love this relationship a bit more than the one in that other manga.

I also love that both these characters are idol stans and I love how dedicated they are. Still very respectful to their idols and having tons of fun cheering for their idols, going to meets, getting very excited about news, and I just adored that their dates often involved food and going to places that their idols went to. At times just to eat some food, but other times to diehard binge to get the collectables. I love how much of a lead Akari takes in this case. She makes sure to take Onda to the places, makes sure that his collection is complete, and more. It was so sweet!

I also loved that these two are slowly getting together. Figuring out how it works to date, see if this has a future. Figuring out if moe-gap can turn into love. And I love seeing them talk, figure it out, see Akari talk to her friends. It made me smile! I loved that with each chapter we learn new things about the characters and see them get closer. It is hella awkward but also very adorable and I definitely found myself rooting for this couple.

The art was also so sweet and fun, it fits well with the story. The character designs were fun, I especially love the facial expressions (and also happy to see a girl with thick eyebrows again).

All in all, I will keep on reading. I want to see if this works out for the both of them. Will they finally kiss? What will happen to their idols in the next volume?

Star rating, 3 stars

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