Review for Katie the Catsitter

Review for Katie the Catsitter

Katie the Catsitter (Katie the Catsitter #1) by Colleen A.F. Venable (Goodreads Author), Stephanie Yue , Children's Book, Cats, Superheroes, Villains, Yellow, Cats, Growing UPCats, superheroes, and more! This was a wonderful and fun graphic novel!

I have had this GN on my eye for a long while but I just didn’t get to it! Though given that I remember parts of it, especially the first bit, I think I did read an excerpt somewhere, haha, but then totally forgot about it. XD But now I finally had the chance to read it and while it had a slow start it more than picked up after that and just became oh so much fun!

What do you do when your best friend is going places but you cannot afford it? You start doing chores! From small things to bigger things and eventually she lands a gig with a neighbour of hers and takes care of the cats! I loved how hard Katie worked and that she kept going despite it not always going so well!

I absolutely LOVED the cats and the fact this woman had 217 even! I loved how cute and adorable they were when their owner was around.. but then went full WELP there goes the furniture mode when she wasn’t! At first it was just so chaotic and I felt sorry for Katie because she was utterly stressing out and panicking. However, she got smarter as well, slowly started to learn about the cats and what made them tick. Set traps for them (because seriously, while that old lady is not the nicest, stealing her couches all the time is a no-no), played games with them, really started to know what they liked and they would happily do things for her or with her. That was tons of fun! And then later they are essential for the big thing that happens near the end of the volume! Where the superhero stuff really comes to life!

Because yep, there is plenty of superhero stuff in this book! And a few villains~ I just love that this world has superheroes (+ villains) and I had fun seeing Katie trying to figure out who Madeline was! Is she the Mousetress? Is she another hero? And what do you do when you have that suspicion? Then near the end when things went into a rollercoaster… Katie really stepped up, well OK, at first a bit forced by the kitties, but she really did an awesome job and you could see that she really bonded with the cats which just made smile.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Bethany. She reminded me strongly of a best friend I used to have. Who slowly just started changing. Wasn’t in the mood for things that she used to love a few weeks ago. Then she moved and our contact just fell apart. So yeah, I just wanted to hug Katie at times.

I was happy that in the end she didn’t went to camp. I mean, who the fuck (sorry) pays 3500 dollars (I believe that was it) for a camp? WTF? WHY? I mean, I believe here it is definitely not that expensive, at least not for a week. Maybe a couple of hundred euro? Still expensive for some, but doable if you work as hard as Katie does. Now it was just impossible. So I was happy she realised that + wasn’t in the mood anyway for camp and then set it aside for something even better, something that made me love Katie even more. Good luck girl!

The art was tons of fun and I loved the colours used! Plus, the character designs (and also definitely the superhero/villain outfits) were perfection. Oh, and that she was able to draw 217 cats and have them all be different~

All in all, I need book 2 now! I want to see what is next for Katie + how the Bethany stuff will be handled as I am sure she is back. Also I want to see the cute kitties again!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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