Review for Mirabelle Has a Bad Day

Review for Mirabelle Has a Bad Day

Mirabelle Has a Bad Day (Mirabelle #3) by Harriet Muncaster, Witch, Faerie, Children's Book, Illustrations, Cute, Bad DayWelcome to a new Mirabelle book! This time she just wants to curl up in her bed because BOY her day sucks.

I read this book in Dutch and I am still laughing how this one is titled now, Mirabelle heeft altijd pech (Mirabella always has bad luck). Which is 1) not true. 2) not the original title. But this is what you get when you translate Mirabella breaks the rules (book 2) as Mirabelle heeft een slechte dag (Mirabella has a bad day). Sometimes… I wonder how translators work. XD

But back to the book! In this book Mirabelle has a terrible terrible day. You know the one. You just want to go back home and curl up in bed. Or just somewhere else that is dark and safe. Some of the bad luck is consequences because of what Mirabelle did the previous day. You know how kids are, yes, mom I will do that later. instantly forgets But some of the bad day? Is also due to other things. I just felt for Mirabelle and just wanted to give her a hug. It doesn’t help that her little annoying brother is being super-annoying and rude. I mean, seriously, you know that your sister loves her cookies and you just eat them all? Or that she doesn’t want to share her dragon. Just ask if you can pet her instead of just stubbornly holding her. 😐

It was quite a surprise how she wasn’t naughty (I don’t count what she did near the end, that is not naughty that is frustration and revenge and I allow that one), I guess with how the day was going she was just trying to get through it.

The ending was great, I am happy with how the parents reacted. Not too happy, but also understanding that she had a day.

The illustrations were fun and sparkly once again!

All in all, a book I really had fun reading it and I hope that Mirabelle has a better day in the next book!

Star rating, 4 stars

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