Review for Oscar The Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter

Review for Oscar The Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter

Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter by Lou Carter, Nikki Dyson, Humour, Void, Unicorn, Easter, Easter Bunny, Princess, Cute, Chocolate, Picture BooksA really fun, delicious, yumyum, OMG chocolate, picture book! Perfect for Easter!

I was looking around for some fun books to read during Easter + I wanted to add a new one to my picture book collection when I came across this one! It is apparently a whole series so I am looking forward to getting the other books during other times (like the Christmas one during Christmas).

In this one we meet a princess named Oola who is very eager about Easter! The Easter Bunny has done a magnificent job.. but he hadn’t counted on Oscar I think. I had such a laugh, though I also felt a tad sad, at seeing what was happening on each picture and seeing what was eaten. Because Oscar is an empty void. He eats anything and everything and it was great fun reading the story and then checking out the wonderful illustrations on what had happened and what the characters were doing. What was eaten (including a gingerbread house, yum). Seeing Oscar get more and more chocolately.

I was so sad for the characters, they were so looking forward to this event. But I was happy when they didn’t give up! Decided on making their own Easter. Deciding to work together and make something fun of it again! I loved that they did that and I was just rooting and cheering for them. Though haha, maybe not let the pirates bury the booty next time because without Oscar…. XD

I thought it was silly that Oola didn’t think about Oscar and didn’t give him at least a bit of a scolding for doing what he did. I mean this is how you enable him to just keep on eating! Then again.. I do wonder if he would ever stop. But at least he would know he hurt his friend (and the others in the book), maybe he would at least see it a bit?

The illustrations are wonderful! I really like the style. Love how the characters were drawn, Oola was so adorable. I will have to see what more Nikki Dyson has done because I want more~

All in all, a fun book about an unstoppable unicorn with a void as belly and about Easter and working together! Very cute! Made me laugh!

Star rating, 5 stars

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