Review for Secrets of Camp Whatever Vol. 2: The Doors to Nowhere

Review for Secrets of Camp Whatever Vol. 2: The Doors to Nowhere

Secrets of Camp Whatever Vol. 2: The Doors to Nowhere (Camp Whatever #2) by Chris Grine, Fantasy, Monsters, Spells, Magic, Fantasy, Friendship, Werewolves, Mermaid, Gnomes, Elves, Graphic Novel, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

While this was on parts the same level of enjoyment I had for the first book… there was also just a bit too much dialogue, it was just a tad more chaotic, plus the epilogue.. eh. But I did have fun reading it and I would still rate it 3 stars! Since I already wrote like 4-5 reviews today, I will be doing a good/eh breakdown of the book.

😍 Willow’s new hair colour!
😍 New spells! New monsters! New friends!
😍 Cover is awesome!
😍 New portals and I just love the symbols you had to use to get to place. Everything had a different symbol!
😍 Emma! I can imagine that she is still learning and pondering what to do, but I was proud that she was open with her friends and showed them!
😍 Rand! Especially in the later parts he was such a trooper and I loved seeing him go into his werewolf mode a few times.
😍 Family, we learn more about Willow’s family. Who her great-whatever-grandmother is. About the book she wrote in. The magic that runs through the family. I just love it when books go deeper into family history, family secrets. Give hints to what is going on.
😍 It was quite ominous at times. Because there is the prophecy…. And that one comes back in full force in this one on many levels.
😍 The art was wonderful as always! And I love how there were several silent panels with just art and movement. It was pretty and I have to say I preferred those a lot over the panels with WAY too much dialogue. XD
😍 Seeing Willow mellow down a bit. I mean, I don’t mind a character who dares to open her mouth, but at times she was just a tad too judgemental and it made me happy that she talked to her friends about it and said sorry.
😍 I loved that Willow was able to read Gnomish (looks a bit like runes). Yes, it was a tad convenient that just at this moment it was there, but I will take it!
😍 Loved that we are going back to the island. Not through boat.. but with another way.
😍 Mmm, donuts and ice cream, perfect birthday. XD
😍 The ending. Yes, I am bit mixed on it. I loved it, but it also made me cry. Also made me want to shake something. It was well-written and despite that I would have rather seen another outcome, I am also glad that the author didn’t shy away from things. Dared to go this way.
😍 Pixie-corns? Can I have one? Please?

😐 The epilogue was a big no no to me. I think that one should have NOT been added. It just felt out of place given the ending we had. I think another character making ominous noises would have been a better fit.
😐 Again, Willow was, at first at least, quite judgemental. And that didn’t make me happy. I get that she is right, but one of her friends has known that person for a long time, you cannot expect them to instantly make that shift or understand your anger.
😐 How that person got the book.. it just felt SO convenient. Just like a book I read earlier in March. About a dad who always knocks and waits, but suddenly during a crucial moment doesn’t and thus things magically happen. 😐
😐 Like I said the ending was giving me mixed feelings.
😐 The Main Villain. Meh. I just wanted to punch him. I guess that means he is well-written, but I just was annoyed with him all the time. I dreaded each time he came around. Stay away. Bleh.
😐 Sometimes there was just SO MUCH DIALOGUE and I had to really force myself to get through it, but I noticed that my head was just not having it and just spat out the information, meaning I had to at times just re-read things.
😐 At times it just felt all very chaotic. We hoped from one thing to another and sometimes I just missed that bit of connection.

As you can see a bit of a mixed bag, but I am still very happy to have read this book, so thanks to the publisher for giving me a chance. I am still looking forward to the next book and seeing what is next. Because things are going to be much darker from this moment on.

Star rating, 3 stars

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