Review for Snow Falls

Review for Snow Falls

Snow Falls (Holiday Romances #1) by Sage Donnell, LGBT, Snow, Holidays, Christmas, Ski,A cute novella about two women meeting each other around the holidays~

I was looking around on Amazon for some new books to read and I found quite a few fun novellas that were just calling me! I got kind of stuck in a world of free books. XD In the end this is one of the 5-6 books I got. I managed to not get everything.

In this book we meet Kade who is going home for Christmas! Skiing, walking with her dog and her parents dog, helping out in the shop. And then she meet Aiesha! And while there is still skiing… there is also plenty more~

I just love the girls, Kade and Aiesha! I love that Kade is grey/ace (she uses both). I love that Kade is in her thirties and Aiesha is in her forties. I loved that they both were teachers and that their age difference could have meant that Aiesha could have taught Kade. I love how understanding Aiesha was when Kade explained about her being ace/grey. She was so sweet afterwards as well, asking if these things were fine. If it was OK. And also asking how things worked for Kade (which led to a hilarious conversation). I was definitely rooting for these two girls and shipped them heavily. XD They just made such a cute couple and I am so happy that they found each other! Thanks to Willow whose love for cheese goes very far, even knocking down people. I loved their sweet moments, kissing, those bath scenes.

I also love that the characters are vegetarian and bonded over that, though it was a idealistic world view of vegetarian. Everyone seemed to be 100% OK with everything, the dad didn’t mind having to get his meat outside the house, no one had to ask for any deets on allergies or whatsoever. I wish the world was that simple, that one can just be vegetarian. Sadly, the real world means that things aren’t so easy and haha. 🙁

The parents? On the one hand I loved them… but on the other hand.. I found them a tad too much. Seriously, it is nice and all that you do all these things for your daughter… but it just felt awkward and weird. Uncomfortable even. I mean it all worked out, but I just wish a bit less pushing by the parents. They acted more like teens helping out their best friend rather than parents.

I loved that this one took place over Christmas time! With everything I could use some holiday magic in my life!

I flew through this book. It was just the cutest and I love the writing style. I definitely will have to see if I can get the other books in the series because I want to know if Aiesha and Kade can make this relationship work! crossing fingers here I would recommend this cute novella!

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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