Review for The leaf thief

Review for The leaf thief

The Leaf Thief by Alice Hemming , Nicola Slater, Humour, Changing of Seasons, Autumn, Animals, Squirrel, Forgetful, SillyA hilarious book about a squirrel who thinks someone is STEALING his PRECIOUS leaves. Guaranteed a lot of laughs~

I read this book in Dutch but just have to share my feelings on this hilarious book with my English readers! Because I would HIGHLY recommend this book. I laughed so much.

Meet Squirrel. He is not exactly the smartest as we will soon see. He loves his tree and he loves the leaves on his tree. He is especially enamoured by their pretty autumn colour! But then, DISASTER, one disappears and chaos happens. Yep, the older readers here will know what is happening and will have a laugh at how Squirrel is all flustered over that leaf. Like, boo, it is the season! I loved that he had a friend he could go to (loved his little house btw) and who tries to explain it to Squirrel (with increasing frustration which was very relatable). Which leads to even more chaos as Squirrel apparently just has a sieve in his head. XD Yes, really. Because throughout the book we see Squirrel in complete chaos and not just that, he is also accusing EVERYONE of stealing his LEAF. How dare they! Doesn’t matter that bird tries to convince him that no, that didn’t do that. I was just laughing so hard each time we flipped that page and a new chaotic thing happened. This squirrel!

Given how he was each time I really thought this was his very first autumn… but if we have to go by what bird said near the end… he has been through more autumns… sieve in his head, a big sieve.

The ending, OMG, those last two pages were just perfect. I loved that the author went for this, I was just rolling off my chair laughing. This was just the best!

I absolutely LOVED the art! It was so pretty and the colours were just wonderful. The pages just popped!

All in all, a fun book about the changing of seasons and what happens then, you will laugh yourself silly reading it!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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