Review for The Monster Doctor: Foul Play

Review for The Monster Doctor: Foul Play

The Monster Doctor: Foul Play (The Monster Doctor #4) by John Kelly, Fantasy, Monsters, Sports, Purple, Yellow, Humour, Doctor, Fantasy, Children's BooksIt is time for a new Monster Doctor and this time we are off to play Monsterball!!!

I was looking around for new books when I found out that there was a new Monster Doctor out! It even came out last year! How did I miss it? I don’t know, but Goodreads doesn’t always tell me there is something new and I just have way too many series to keep track of everything. XD

In this book there is a lot of Monsterball. In fact, the whole book is about it. Haha. With at the start two opposing teams (which include several of the peeps from the town or patients from the doctor) kicking around the head of one of the zombies. Oh he is fine, he is happy to be the ball today! And I just LOVED the chaos that happened. It was one big tangle of monsters and I had such a big belly laugh at how far these groups would go. It really reminded me of real soccer/other sports. Some people/groups just get so fanatic.

Then when we think that the Monsterball stuff is over… the doctor is called to another dimension (yes, we are going into new dimensions again and learn of others) to get someone out of a monster. I knew right away what would happen next and I just wanted to hop in and tell the doctor before they land. Haha. She is not a fan of the sport and given everything we have seen so far including the chonker of the rulebook I don’t blame her for longing back to the days of her favourite sport! Which I would like to see, so make it happen author, please?

We are in the final of Monsterball! And boy oh boy there isn’t a moment of boredom. Just all around craziness and silliness and OMG did that really happen and is that monster OK? Plus, how is referee Ozzy (yes really, he is the only one neutral in this competition) doing all right? It was as if I was both watching the match and being part of it! We see all sorts of things happen from coaching and making sure the monsterball is happy to silly rules to strange manoeuvres and it is good that the doctor is around because no one comes out unscathed. XD I really loved how the author wrote this match. It sounds dangerous but also oodles of fun!

Ozzy really shows how fab he is with monsters and helping out. This time he is the referee and I love how he stood up against monsters bigger than he was. I loved that he was able to fly. And there is so much more!

I just love the different fonts, the illustrations were once again perfect, I loved that we get ads and parts of books (like the rule book), I love seeing the characters in action! Ah! Love it!

All in all, I need more! Because this series is just way too fun and I just cannot stop reading it! Highly recommend if you are into a silly series with fantastic monsters and weird ailments (and don’t mind getting splattered by slime or body parts).

Star rating, 5 stars

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