Review for Tomorrow, Make Me Yours

Review for Tomorrow, Make Me Yours

Tomorrow, Make Me Yours by Kaoruko Miyama, LGBT, Romance, High School, Manga, Cute, Adorable, SexI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A cute book featuring a sweet couple, but the reason why I am rating it lower was that it felt all too fast. Too rushed. Yuki went from the awkward kid in the class to hitting it off with the popular guy for no reason to blushing and hoping to see more of him to falling for him fast to being boyfriends. I was constantly going wait what? Wait? Did I miss something? Later we do read that Hayato has had a crush on Yuki for a long time. But that nothing ever happened, well until they are sharing a class in their senior year of high school. Thankfully, later things settle down, things got a bit slower, and I enjoyed the story much more and I found myself rooting for these two. They do make a cute couple, sharing sweet kisses, blushing, and having fun. I would have liked to see them go on more dates.

Well, OK, at one point I did want to hit Hayato, jealousy is bad and doing that? Worse. But I am glad that they worked it out, Yuki talking to his grandma, Hayato thinking about things. Apologizing. It made me happy. A lot of yaoi manga can learn from these, plus, I am really happy that lately I have been seeing more yaoi with people talking, getting consent, saying no. It is great, because really, in all the years of reading yaoi I have seen to many rapes, assaults, almost rape. Consent never seemed to be a thing for most manga.

Oh, and I just love how accepting Hayato’s friends were. Even making up a nickname for Yuki, doing fun things, and of course studying because one of the friends in the group… is terrible at studying.

The sex (and sexy) scenes? Loved them! So hot!

The art was OK, I don’t know the cover was good (and so adorable), the sex scenes hot, but sometimes the faces just don’t work for me, they felt flat/weird.

All in all, despite how rushed it felt… I had fun reading this one! It is cute, fun, adorable, and again I love it when yaoi goes for consent.

Star rating, 3 stars

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