Review for When It Rains

Review for When It Rains

When it Rains by Mark Allan Gunnells, Horror, Scary, Rain, Paranoia, Hand, Face, AdultI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

First up, cover. I am a big cover lover and I can tell you that I just ADORE a great cover. And this one was the big main reason why I wanted to read the book!

I really liked that we didn’t just have multiple POVs, we also get a time. The rain lasts three hours and we get a detailed few of each moment in those 3 hours. Oh, and also some part before it all went to hell. It definitely made it more engaging and fun.

The rain was just scary. I mean, I would be freaking terrified if it started raining like this. Suddenly. A rain full of goo and stickiness. Is it safe? Is it deadly? What will happen? Will it ever stop? Is it biowarfare or something else entirely? There are so many questions and I loved it.

I loved the articles that popped up between the story. Gave some more insight in the rain, in what was going on, and also discussed important points like was it handy to talk about deaths if you don’t know if they are related or not?

But what I hated was how people got. How heated. How full of paranoia. How hateful. How disgusting. I mean, Baldy? They should have just yeeted him out of the fucking bookstore. Idiotic wappie (yes, I need to use this Dutch word as it is perfect for this piece of poop). And Pamela, who I was already on the fence about… should also just have been yeeted out. Good lord that woman is so easily influenced, I wonder how she is not yet part of a cult given how she just goes with things so easily. How she is easily swayed. It really ruined my experience of the book. I mean, I have read other books about scary events and dystopian/post-apocalyptic things, and things like this happen to, but they are often NOT the whole focus of the book. Things just went from worse to even worse to wtf is wrong with you people? Right in these times we should bond together. My rating went from a OHHHH scary + rating of 4.5 stars to a 3 stars.

The ending? Well, that I didn’t expect. Haha. I had many suspicions, but that wasn’t one of them. It was horrific and gruesome and I was very shocked (and maybe also a bit angry). I guess I know what I will pick if a strange rain hits the world. Well, OK, first testing it though.

I was happy with the epilogue, it gave some extra conclusion to the story.

All in all, I did enjoy this one and read it in one hour, I just couldn’t stop. There is lots of good. A spooky rain, a dash of love and what about the future, THAT ending. But yeah, Baldy and his nitwit group of wappies just made me love it less.

Star rating, 3 stars

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