Review for Will You Be My Friend?

Review for Will You Be My Friend?

Will You Be My Friend? by Russell Ayto, Sad, Friendship, ANimals, Picture Book, Bush Baby, Children's BookA sweet, but also at times very sad book about a little bush baby who wants to have friends~

I just love books about friendship, about finding a friend, and the cover just looked too cute too pass by. I just had to know if the cute little fella on the cover would find a friend!

In this picture book we meet a bush baby. He is very lonely and he wants a friend! But will he find one in the jungle/surrounding area? I was rooting for this little guy! However I wasn’t too happy with how the animals reacted. If you don’t want to be friends… just say it like that instead of using all sorts of hurtful comments. Like that he has a tail and that is bad. Or that he needs to be PINK, P.I.N.K. I just wanted to step into the story and give our little guy a big big hug and throw with some animals for making those comments. But for most of the book it just goes on like that and it got quite sad. Thankfully, near the end we meet someone else and I was very curious to how it would go!

Can I just say that I absolutely LOVED the ending? It was just the perfect way to end it. I was a tad worried it would go in a certain direction (one we already often see in picture books), but thankfully the author decided to go the unconventional way and I was just clapping my hands and grinning madly.

However.. the art just wasn’t my cup of tea. You could recognise the animals… but that is it. It just wasn’t for me.

But in overall, I am happy I read this book. That I picked it up. It was a tad sad and made me angry at times, but the ending was just so sweet + you are just rooting so much for the little guy.

Star rating, 3 stars

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