Review for Win Lose Kill Die

Review for Win Lose Kill Die

Win Lose Kill Die, Cynthia Murphy, boarding school, young adult, check list, murder ,mysteryAn exciting, WOW, OMG, don’t believe all you see book with plenty of murder!

What is better than Boarding School tropes? When there is also mystery and murder! And some more! Teehee!

Also sorry for the chaoticness of the review, I am still all the feels about this amazing book~

In this book we meet Liz, a girl who is sweet and kind, and goes to a fancy school named Morton. She and other smart kids get the best education there. But there is something sinister going on. Something bloody. We see that no one is safe. I loved that our group of friends tried to figure out what was going on. Trying not to get killed. There is a secret society. There are secrets everywhere.

I loved reading about this school though, just like in Truly Devious this is a special school for special kids. They all have something they are amazing at and can hone and sharpen those skills. We have a few math wizards, some people who are great at art. It was really fun! Plus, that food served at the canteen (and then especially the weekends) sounded awesome.

And seriously, if you get wounded by a rusty nail or something…. at least go to the doctors. I get that you are hard at work and you need to do all sorts of things, but this is important. It just didn’t make sense and I was just rolling my eyes.

Going under spoilers. I just love unreliable narrators! And our MC definitely is that! Yep, Liz, so much unreliable. Much wow. She and Kat were high on my list of suspects but as the story continued more cracks appeared and I started wondering about our perfect little Liz. Then in the villain parts we get certain phrases, phrases also said by Liz, and I knew my suspicions had to be right! I loved how the author made it subtle. Not instantly noticeable. Well, OK, the first chapter is pretty much a dead giveaway. XD My husband had tons of fun seeing me go OMG OMG and then flail and then tell him what was going on!

People who read my reviews know that I am not always so happy with villain POVs, but in this one it actually worked. It made things more disturbing. More scary. More ohhh, what is going on.

And sometimes romance x murder doesn’t work, but in this case however? I was just shipping Cole and Liz together and hoping for more moments with them together!

The murders go from drowning to more and more gruesome and well, near the end it was pretty WTF and OMG and NOPE.

Dr. Patel and what was going on with her? I was never a fan of the woman, especially after some murders and how she acted towards it. I am happy we find out more about the whys and the hows, and while I didn’t feel much sympathy still, I could understand her motivations just a bit more.

The ending was just pure awesomeness. That is certainly a way to end the book. Oh my.

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend. Holy CRAP this was just so awesome and I flew right through it. I definitely have to get Cynthia Murphy’s other book soon!

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