Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 3

Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 3

Picking a camper, fighting an evil boss, a bucketlist to be filled, and oh yes, zombies, so many zombies!

I decided to continue this series! I already was thinking of doing so, but I just recently found out that this one is coming out in German, which makes it cheaper for me to get the series! So now I can continue reading, ah, being able to read German is a blessing. I just love this series and I will be buying books 4/5/6 soon!

In this one our guys are up to their antics again! Crossing off things from the bucket list and the first item had me laughing! The guys were acting like kings in a jewellery store! Next up they decide that Tokyo isn’t the best place to stay (gee you wouldn’t say looks at the horde of zombies that are just spilling out of everything) and what is the best way to travel to Akira’s parents? By camper/mobile homes! I had such a laugh at these guys and their enthusiasm. Especially when they got to the store! I was laughing because they were being so loud and I was just like, shhhh guys, I know that you are excited but hello zombies??? Did you forget about it? XD I loved seeing all the camper/mobile homes though, this place had a BIG variety~

After that things turn a bit grimmer and we meet someone from Akira’s past! Yep, it is time for the vile humans of the apocalypse to show their face! This is so typical in zombie stuff. All the things are already horrific and our MCs are just trying to make it through things and then they bump into villains, humans like them, but who took the whole zombie stuff as a way to have power. To make humans suffer. I wanted to punch the guy so much, and also shake Akira a bit. I know he didn’t have a choice given what was coming, but he should have known about the dirty tricks his boss would use. 😐 For most of the volume we see that Akira is working hard, along with other humans (I felt for that older guy and the pregnant lady). We see how the boss is managing this whole operation and what he uses to get his goals (again, typical zombie/apocalypse stuff, I wasn’t shocked at all).

I found it very well done how Shizuka and Akira’s experiences with evil guys paralleled. While Akira is being bullied by his (ex-)boss we see that Shizuka had a father who was bossy, horrible, terrible, who made her feel small, and who killed a pet she was caring for in secret . It really was well done and I loved how we switched from Akira to Shizuka. And Shizuka has shown that you can beat evil guys, you just have to make yourself big, open your mouth, say NO. I loved that she knew that Akira would cave and that he would make that decision and that she had a plan just in case. When in doubt, use the bucket list. I was so proud of my boy Akira! And I loved that Shizuka was there for him. She is often quite stand-offish but you can see she truly cares about Akira and his friend.

The ending got even scarier when ZOMBIES come! I guess they have grown a tad smarter? Which makes things scarier. I am always terrified of the zombie stories in which zombies seem to gain more conscience, more knowledge, become smarter. Just give me the zombies with no brains! Haha. I prefer those. Still scary as crap, but at least you don’t have to worry they find out how to use things, like door, or how to hide somewhere. I loved this part though, and especially Akira’s decision. The thing he said was just a memorable quote. I won’t tell you what it is, but I loved it and I agree with him.

I cannot wait to see what is next for our trio. Will they meet new people? Will they find Akira’s parents (please no zombies, please no zombies)? What is next on the bucket list! I am excited!

I would highly recommend this series to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

3 thoughts on “Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 3

    1. Haha, thank you! It is just such a fun series with heart, humour and zombies. Some zombie series just are so doom and gloom and this one shows another side as well.

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