Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-5-2022

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-5-2022


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Welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! Hope everyone is having a good Sunday.

Well, this week was OK-ish. Mental health wise not, but I guess with everything that happened it will be a while before I am near fine again. I mostly just threw myself in blogging, reading, working, and other things to make me not think about things too much, or try to at least. And apparently a friend of ours also wasn’t doing so well, so he visited our home with beer and apple pie, because everything is better with friends and yummy things.
Reading-wise, well a good week in regards to how much I read, though it was apparently also a good DNF week… Read some from the pile of books I showed last week, read a few from the stack next to my bed.

What did I read from my TBR this week? De voet van Loet (eh, OK, but not as fun as the others), Pier de klier zegt boe! (translation didn’t work for me in this one), Mijn soundtrack van groep 8 (fun, loved that music is a big part, but wasn’t a fan of the parents), Invasie (OMG, this was just so so weird), Hamley is jarig (cute, but I was annoyed at how often milk/cream was given to cats), Dokter nu ik er toch ben (haha, this was funny but also sad and interesting to read), Hotel Habbekrats (ohhh, I had so much fun reading this one, it was weird and strange), Sneeuwwit (a wonderful retelling of the Grimm story, had fun reading it, though it was a tad odd at times).

I tried but sadly DNF-ed: Weg van het water (yawn), Terug naar Japan (I tried for days, but the writing style is not working, seems off/old-fashioned), Een koffer vol citroenen (I tried.. tried so much but it was just so bland), Is het al zeven uur? (expected it to be more daily things with funny things happening, instead it is a lot of blabla about parenting/childhood and more).

Here is a new pile of books! Some left-over library books, what I still need to read from my physical TBR. I am very eager to get to reading these books, they look good!

Well, that is it again for this week! Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a good week. Let me know in the comments what looks good on my stack/what you are planning on reading next! Thanks for reading!

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