What I Hope To Read June 2022

What I Hope To Read June 2022

Hi all!

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Welcome to a shiny new What I Hope To Read post! This time filled with new releases of June~

May was OK-ish. I mean, for most it was a good month but the death of my grandmother and seeing my parents again made it into a not so good month. sighs But the first part of May was definitely good, the weather was finally going up in temperatures and fluffiness. There was Eurovision (with way too many ballads). As for the new releases that I hoped to read in May? Well… I read 1? Then again, 5 of them just released or are still set to be released and libraries here take a bit long with the Dutch books so who knows when those Dutch books will pop up. I am still very sad that Amazon had Fever Knights up for a very short bit and then it just went out of stock. Been checking every x days but it is just not there.

For June I got several books that I want to check out, hopefully I can! I am very hyped about the dinosaur book, the new Riley Sager (though I am still waiting for the libraries to finally have his previous book in the collection), and very curious about the new Kiersten White MG book. And I got 3 Dutch books that sound very interesting,

Still no pre-orders, one day I hope that I can do that again.

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2 thoughts on “What I Hope To Read June 2022

    1. Haha, I can imagine, his books are perfect for spooky seasons! Though that is still 4 months away, I wouldn’t be able to hold it for that long. XD

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