Book Blitz ~ Four Weddings and a Billionaire by Tina Gabor ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Book Blitz ~ Four Weddings and a Billionaire by Tina Gabor ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

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Four Weddings and a Billionaire by Tina Gabor, Romance, Wedding, Engagement, Humour, Red, Man, Suit

A warm welcome to the Book Blitz for Four Weddings and a Billionaire by Tina Gabor! I am so excited to be part of this Blitz! I just love the blurb and how these two just keep bumping into each other, leading to sex.. and then what more? I hope that these two get together, it is clearly meant to be.

For today’s post I got an excerpt, a giveaway, and book/author information!

Let’s get started.

Four Weddings and a Billionaire by Tina Gabor, Romance, Wedding, Engagement, Humour, Red, Man, SuitHe cannot be serious! God’s gift to bridesmaids is trying to let me down gently. Listen up Bradley Bronson. This fix up is a scheme put together by your brothers and my besties. Not me!

I’m trying to put together a fresh start for myself. The last thing I want is to get into a relationship.

The problem is we keep running into each other at engagement parties, weddings, and even around town.

So we become friends, and everything is perfect until one lust-filled night.

Now, the foundation I’ve laid for my new life has morphed into a minefield of questions.

Do I pretend it didn’t happen? Does Bradley think our night together was a mistake, too? And most importantly, how do I stop thinking about him naked?

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About the author:

Tina Gabor, Pink/Purple, Author, LogoAre you like me?

Do you enjoy funny, contemporary romances with spicy love scenes?

Because if you do …

You’ve landed in the perfect place.

I’m Tina Gabor, and it’s so much fun getting to write the books I love reading. Gorgeous men and fierce, feisty, and funny women are my jam.

And since there’s nothing like a love story with a dash of sun and fun …

I set most of my in Southern California and Florida. I grew up in South Florida, and now I live in Southern California with my fiancee and a stray cat we named Fred.

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I kissed her. My heart came alive like fresh regrowth after a fire. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her as I bent her backward in an old school dip.
She giggled as she kissed me back. I brought us back upright. Her hand flew to her head. She was unsteady on her feet.
“Head rush,” she said.
I held her close to make sure she didn’t fall.
I had to make you swoon somehow. The crying wasn’t doing it,” I said.
Nope. Not going back there. The only place Carolyn and I needed to go was the bedroom. I threw her over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry.
“This isn’t the most romantic way to carry someone to the bedroom,” she joked.
“But it’s the most efficient way. And I need to fuck you right now,” I said, putting her down at the foot of the bed.
I watched her gasp. Her giggles evaporated as she watched me unbutton my shirt. She stood there frozen, admiring my body.
Seeing the lust on her face made me feel twenty feet tall.
I threw my shirt to the ground, peeled off my pants and underwear at the same time. My cock sprang up, ready for action.
Her jaw literally dropped open.
I chuckled. That’s a reaction I like.
I looked at her. She was still dressed. We’d have to take care of that.
I stepped closer, reached for the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it over her head. “No bra?”
I got wine on it. I rinsed it in the sink and hung it on your clothes line out back. With all the improvements made to this place, you didn’t put in a washer and dryer?”
I laughed. “Quit stalling,” I said as I pushed her onto the bed.
Within seconds, I had her panties off and my face between her legs. She clutched the sheets as she exhaled my name in two breathy syllables. “Brad-Lee!”

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