Goodreads Monday #2: 20-6-2022

Goodreads Monday #2: 20-6-2022

Evening all!

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A sunny welcome to a new Goodreads Monday!

I wasn’t in the mood today to find a First Sentence today (already so busy with everything), so I thought it would be fun to do a Goodreads Monday and find a book to show you all. I still got a few books left on my To Read Home shelf that I can show~ Now to just pick which one I will show. Haha.


What’s Goodreads Monday:

Originally hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners and now on Budget Tales Blog!

This meme will still include choosing a book from your Goodreads β€œto read” lists, but I also wanted you to feel able to share any progress that you have made on your current reads, your progress on any challenges that you have set and any other general Goodreads news!

There is no obligation to do the above, it is just a chance for you to share any Goodreads news and progress as and when you feel like it.

My book for this week is……
The Underpants of Chaos by Sam Copeland (Goodreads Author), Jenny Pearson, children's book, mystery, underpants, humour, silly, Illustrations,
This one! Got it last week from Amazon and I cannot wait to get to reading it. I mean, it sounds absolutely silly, with underpants eating peeps and mystery everywhere, so I will be saving it for when I need something silly in my life (which probably won’t take long given my mental health the last few months.

And that is my second Goodreads Monday. Oh, I am loving these posts! Let me know what your book for today is and what you think of my book~ Have a great Monday/great week, stay safe.

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