Release Tour ~ Roman by Grae Bryan ~ Excerpt + Teasers + Giveaway

Release Tour ~ Roman by Grae Bryan ~ Excerpt + Teasers + Giveaway

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Roman by Grae Bryan, Vampires, Mates, Romance, Paranormal, Half-naked Guy, Cover Love, Romance, Vampire's Mate

A big paranormal and sizzling welcome to the Release Tour for Roman by Grae Bryan!! So hyped to be part! That cover! That Blurb! OMG YES!

For today’s post I got a whole load of fun things! Ready? I got a giveaway, an excerpt, teasers, and book/author information~

A big congrats to the author on their book releasing, I hope you have an amazing time and have fun celebrating.

Roman by Grae Bryan, Vampires, Mates, Romance, Paranormal, Half-naked Guy, Cover Love, Romance, Vampire's MateDanny Kingman is used to fending for himself. Working nonstop as an ER nurse to pay for his mother’s care, he’s been putting his own life on hold since he can remember. But when an unbelievably hot, strangely intense man saves him from a mugging, Danny has a feeling everything is about to change. Especially when that man suddenly pops out a pair of fangs.
Roman Mourier has been wandering aimlessly for decades, waiting for the inevitable day when the last of his humanity leaves him, and the demon inside him takes permanent control. He doesn’t believe in fated mates, or the myth that there’s a soul out there that could tether his humanity to him. Until he feels a strange pull to the lovely young man at the hospital, and hope stirs in him for the first time.
But Roman has demons other than just the one inside him. Is he strong enough to keep Danny safe from the past that haunts him? He knows one thing for sure: now that he’s found his mate, he will do anything to keep him.
Roman is a heated, fated-mates MM paranormal romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger. It contains insta-obsession, a cinnamon roll of an ER nurse, and the possessive vampire determined to keep him. It also contains explicit, steamy scenes between two men, and the moderate violence (and mentions of blood) that one might expect from a vampire romance. Not suitable for readers under 18.

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 Roman by Grae Bryan, Vampires, Mates, Romance, Paranormal, Half-naked Guy, Cover Love, Romance, Vampire's Mate

About the author:

Grae Bryan, Author, Logo, Blue, SplashGrae Bryan has been reading romance since she was far too young to know any better. Her love for love stories spans all genres, and while her current series is of the paranormal variety, she knows she’ll be exploring other worlds further down the line.
She lives in Arizona with her husband, who graciously shares space with all the imaginary men in her head. When not writing, she can generally be found reading more than is healthy, walking her monster-dog, or cuddling her demon-cat.

Find her here:   

 Roman by Grae Bryan, Vampires, Mates, Romance, Paranormal, Half-naked Guy, Cover Love, Romance, Vampire's Mate


“You goddamn, flipping piece of crap, son of a hot potato!” Danny yelled, shaking his fist at the current bane of his existence. “You were put on this earth to torment me, weren’t you, spawn of Satan? Don’t even try to deny it.”
The copy machine did not, in fact, try to deny it.
“That’s what I thought,” mumbled Danny, a trifle smugly. Then he remembered he was talking out loud to an inanimate object in the middle of the night, and all smugness was forgotten. He took a quick look around to make sure nobody was nearby. He was generally pretty good when it came to controlling his admittedly dirty mouth while at work, but he wasn’t actually quite sure what had come out just now.
The office was abandoned. Chloe, the night-shift charge nurse and his work bestie, had left her computer to go grab coffee and snacks, and he was pretty sure the other emergency room nurses were sneaking naps on some of the gurneys in the lesser-used patient bays.
It was a dead night.
Danny supposed he should be glad about that, since it meant no one was horrifically ill or injured, but it also meant he had time to help out his charge and copy the new schedule, necessitating the use of the copy machine from hell, so his feelings were a little conflicted.
The copy machine that was currently possessed, refusing to copy and also refusing to tell Danny why.
″Agh! I give up. You win again, demon.”
″Danny Boy, please stop talking to the copier. It’s concerning.”
Danny jumped at the sound of Chloe’s voice. She had appeared in the doorway, coffees in hand, a few bags of chips peeking out of her scrub jacket pocket.
Danny immediately blushed at being caught—he fucking hated that he blushed so easily—but still managed to defend himself. “That beast started it.”
″Be a good boy, step away from the copier, and drink your coffee. I appreciate you trying to help me out but not at the risk of your clearly fragile sanity.”
He was tempted to stick his tongue out at her, but he was a professional, damn it. He took the coffee with a quick grin of thanks.
Danny was nearing the end of his second year working nights in the emergency room, but it was too unpredictable to get used to any sort of routine. Their hospital was in a smaller city, but the mountains around Hyde Park, Colorado, attracted outdoorsy tourists, and that meant that some nights it seemed everyone and their mother needed to be seen and some nights there was not a patient to be found.
It was hard to stay awake on the slower nights, but he knew if he tried to nap like some of the other nurses, he’d just end up throwing off his sleep rhythm. He tried to help out with some of the charge nurse duties when he had time, but sometimes he ended up more hindrance than help.

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