Review for 101 Bums

Review for 101 Bums

101 Bums by Sam Harper, Chris Jevons, Humour, Children's Book, Farts, Bums, Butts, Tushes, Bottoms, Animals, Aliens, Unicorns, Children's BookBums bums bums! So many many bums! Big and small! This book made me laugh so much!

I am definitely not the age group for this book, but I just love a book that makes me laugh, and bums make me laugh. XD I just had to add this book to my collection when I saw it pop up. I was curious about the bums and how we would be shown these fantastic bums!

In this book we find out about all sorts of bums! From scary animals to sweet tiny animals. We will see lions shake their booties and see mice shake their tushes. There is a fun rhyme along with it that makes it all the more bouncy. Which is perfect because as the book get closer and closer to the end we are getting closer to a big DANCE finale! Yes! We will shake our butts with the beat~ Along with all the animals + more that we encountered on the way. It is a fun way to learn about animals and have a big laugh at the bums that are jiggling around.

I haven’t counted all the animals to make sure there are 101 bums in this book, but I will just believe it. Haha.

Oh, and be warned of the farts!!

The illustrations are perfect! I just love how highlighted the bottoms are. That sounds a bit weird, but if you read this book (or look at the cover for that matter) you will see what I mean.

Kids (and adults like me) will absolutely love this book! It is silly, weird, but oh so much fun and it will make you giggle, laugh, and snort. I would recommend it to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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