Review for Barkus

Review for Barkus

Barkus (Barkus #1) by Patricia MacLachlan, Marc Boutavant, Cute, Dog, Children's Book, Short Stories, FriendshipFive delightful short stories about a little girl and her dog Barkus. I loved it!

So I also wrote a review in Dutch, but thought I would also add the review, in English, to my blog here! This book was just too cute and I need to share it with all the people! So they know about Barkus (or wonderfully translated Woefus in Dutch).

I saw this book at Library #1 and knew I had to take it home. I am really in the mood for books about dogs (one day I will have one) and I love cute books about friendships between dogs and humans.

Meet Nicky, a sweet girl who is very excited to get a dog… and she sees her wish come true when her Uncle has to leave for travel and his dog cannot come with him. I had such a big bellylaugh at how he tried to pitch/sell his dog to him family. Like, OMG, look all the things he can! He can sit! He can roll! He is totally not a bother and you will love him!

And after that story we get 4 more stories that had me laughing, awwing, and totally enjoying it. Barkus and Nicky are just cutest together and I love how fast they bonded and became friends! These two have tons of fun days! There is a birthday (and what does Barkus really want?), he follows her to school and enjoys a day there (and I had a laugh at the little girl in Nicky’s class who was hiding behind her chair while also having an expression of wanting to hug Barkus), and there is a new friend (a very cute one).

The illustrations by Marc Boutavant were terrific, he has a really nice style of drawing that fits very well with the text. He makes it even more fun! I loved his use of colours.

All in all, I need more Barkus books! I loved this so much and I just don’t have enough with one book! Recommended.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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