Review for Diary of an Accidental Witch #2: Flying High

Review for Diary of an Accidental Witch #2: Flying High

Flying High (Diary of an Accidental Witch, #2) by Perdita Cargill , Honor Cargill, Katie Saunders, Witch, Flying, Frog, Friendship, Magic, Fantasy, Diary, Children's BookA new term is here! A sportsfestival is nearing, there are fun assignments, and there is friendship… but also trouble in friendship land.

I was so excited that there was another book in the series! Then it was waiting for Amazon to have it in stock. Then waiting some more, but then I could finally read it! And I flew right through it, it was just so much fun that I couldn’t stop. I had to go to the end!

NOTE: This review may be chaotic. Haha. I tried my best to get my feelings across, but you know how that one goes at times. XD

In this one a new term/year starts and with that are all kinds of fun events (and weather). Winter Solstice is coming which I just thought like a perfect event for the witches to celebrate. And then there is a Tournament! While I was sad that the Tournament changed because I would have loved to see a witchy tournament… I am also kind of liking what it was changed into. And what Bea had to do to make sure that everything was understood by the witches. Because, dang they got some fun(ny) ideas on what it is supposed to be. XD Magic is OK right? Um, no. These are mere mortals, you cannot just summon tornadoes or give yourself an extra boost!

I was so so proud of Bea! She is really improving with her magic! As the story continues we see that things are going way smoother than the first term/year (still not sure how that all works). She is showing she can levitate, she has her first spell that works, and there is more! Her flying is also improving by leaps and I just wanted to give her a big hug! And now I also want to become a witch, haha.

I was also frustrated with Bea. For most I was very happy with her in the book but how she handled Ash and his feelings. OUCH. I get it girl you have other friends. You got your schoolwork. You cannot tell it is all magic. But seriously, take some time for Ash. I could imagine why he was feeling this way and why he was acting the way he did throughout the book. In the meantime Bea was all like, why is he angry at me? Gee, I wonder why….

I really loved that this one was once again written as a diary! It is just so much fun, plus we get to see some homework assignments and other fun things!

I was a tad worried on how the Ash situation nearer to the end would go. I really like the combo of witchy girl and normal boy and I was worried that maybe things would be turned over and that Ash would also want to learn magic. I am very happy with what the authors decided for this one and it was certainly a relief.

The illustrations were once again fab! Really love the style!

All in all, I cannot wait for the next book in the series! I had so so much fun reading this one and there was so much good in there!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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