Review for Crimson Sisters/Ganbared Sisters, Vol.2

Review for Crimson Sisters/Ganbared Sisters, Vol.2

Crimson Sisters 02 (Gunbured × Sisters #2) by Wataru Mitogawa, Nuns, Vampires, Action, Yuri, LGBT, Sex, Blood,The second volume and it is sexier, more exciting, and more WOW than the first one.

Even the cover levelled up. Haha. But it fits perfectly because this manga can get quite ecchi/perverted! Yes, I am still a bit conflicted at times, due to how Dorothy/Dolores treats Maria as a dog and doesn’t always seem to care if she wants to do these things. Thankfully, we do see that Maria is at times very much into all the sexy times. Even participates or initiates it herself. That makes it at better. It is a pretty great thing that she can level up and become a Dhampir by drinking Dolores’ blood. The fanservice is also pretty nicely done. At times a bit much, and maybe sometimes it feels like added for the sake of it… but, yes to make it confusing, I do love it. A lot.

And I love that we meet up the crazy, batshit, immortal, weird, perverted scientist vampire who has been creating stuff that is bothering the humans. She was totally weird, even weirded out our duo (well, at least Maria, haha). This is a clear case of immortality does weird things to your mind. Maybe this girl has always been this weird, but I do think immortality and a love for science made it just go out of hand. She likes to chew on guns, doesn’t mind bullets or losing her arm. It was pretty weird and gruesome but it also made me happy. Because I love a good crazy scientist. Not to mention… she knows something about Maria! And I wonder what it is, if it involves her sister or not. Hopefully we get some more answers in the next one… though I guess to meet her again… it means a new battle.

There are lots of cool battle sequences and I just love it! Love seeing Maria kick butt, but also see Shanon pop up! And well, there is Dolores, who goes very far and can kick some serious butt. Yes, she could use the protection at times of Shanon and Maria, but she can also do a lot of things on her own.

I am still not sure how I feel about Shanon at times. She is a cool character, but I am just not a fan of love triangles… Shanon is constantly jealous of Maria, even battling with her while they are fighting vampires, girls, no.

The art is still freaking awesome and I love how the style fits the craziness of the manga, plus, the mangaka is great at drawing sexy times.

Oh, and I have to talk about that chapter in which Dolores and Maria are going out! It was just so cute and brought a bit of normalcy to the craziness of the manga/the lives of these girls.

Plus, I loved getting just a few more flashes into the pasts of Dolores and Maria! I hope we get many more of those in the upcoming volumes.

All in all, a very awesome volume and I guess I will have to get volume 3 very soon!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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