Review for Indie Bites, Vol. 1: Vampires & Voyages

Review for Indie Bites, Vol. 1: Vampires & Voyages

Indie Bites, Vol. 1: Vampires & Voyages (Indie Bites, #1) by Josie Jaffrey (Goodreads Author), Rebecca Crunden (Goodreads Author), Chris Durston (Goodreads Author), Matthew MacLachlan, N.J. Simmonds (Goodreads Author), Sam Hall, Horror, Vampires, Anthology, Zine, Short Stories, Fantasy, LGBT, RavenA pretty fun anthology/zine with vampire stories.

I got a whole batch of these thanks to the newsletter by Josie Jaffrey, so excited because I just love good horror/scary stories/stories featuring supernatural stuff. Especially when they are short stories~ I decided to just start with the very first zine. It helps I was in the mood for vampires, haha. I had fun reading it, it was an interesting blend of new vampire lore and very old and very known vampire lore, I just love it when we get some new things to add to the existing lore. There was only one story I didn’t read for my own safety/mental health, thanks for the TW.

My favourite story would be the first one. It was also quite sad (especially the ending), but I loved the MC and reading about how he has been a vampire for very long. My least favourite story was A Dramatic Gesture, it was about chickens? A raven? Something else? It was just such a weird/odd story and I still don’t see what it has to do with the vampire stuff the rest of the book had. The ending was very much WTF.

I am not sure how I felt about the extras, I mean the interview with one of my favourite authors, Gail Carriger was just awesome and I really loved reading that one, but I just didn’t care for the reviews at the end?

Here are the ratings for each story. As you can see mostly I liked them. Anthologies/zines are always a bit hit/miss, I am happy that this one turned out to be quite nice.

+Enduring Wrecks by Chris Durston: **** stars
+Living Underground by Josie Jaffrey: ***1/2 stars
+A Dramatic Gesture by Matthew MacLachlan: * star
+A Little Drop of Blood Goes a Long Way: Skipped, thanks for the trigger warning, especially now a story about suicide would be a bad idea to read (read this zine just the day after I heard my grandma died and with all the family stuff going on… not a good time).
+ Something like Absolution by Rebecca Crunden: ***1/2 stars
+Another Interview with the Vampire: **1/2 stars

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