Review for Llama Glamarama

Review for Llama Glamarama

Llama Glamarama by Simon James Green, Garry Parsons, Dancing, Glitter, Llama, Children's Book, Picture Book, HumourA dazzling and glittering book about a llama who just wants to party!

My second Simon James Green book I just had to buy after the fabulous Sleepover Takeover! I picked this one because of the llama and the glitters. Cannot resist both!

In this one we meet Larry (yes, his name is indeed Larry Llama) a llama like all the others… until the night appears and he finally gets out his outfit. His glitter. His headphones and the music! I just loved seeing him totally do a dance off in his room! I was sad that the other llama seemingly were so against it and yes, I would have definitely done what Larry had done! Maybe taking something fancy with me in my escape! Yes, totally not handy, but come on you never know when you need something glittery and shiny! Larry was such a fun character and I found myself rooting for him. To find a place where he could be happy or that he at least found the courage to speak up against the other llamas and let them know what fabulousness they are missing out!

The dance party was just wonderful and I loved seeing Larry move through the crowd and have a great time! It was fun to see all the various animals popping by, the reference to famous artists, I was just grooving along with the animals~ Dance party, YAS! Festival, YAS! Let’s go! dances

The ending definitely also made me smile! I am very happy with it and it is a delight. I had a chuckle at one of the confessions, yes, that was quite obvious, but thanks for confessing. XD

The art was just so so much fun! It fitted so well with each mood. The dark moods of the beginning, the happiness of the dance party, the fear of confessing, the joy at the end. So much glitter and sparkle!

I would highly recommend this wonderful book to all! Courage, dance parties, and llamas? What more could you want?

Star rating, 5 stars

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