Review for Maisy Goes to a Wedding

Review for Maisy Goes to a Wedding

Maisy Goes to a Wedding: A Maisy First Experiences Book (Maisy's First Experiences) by Lucy Cousins, Wedding, Romance, Cute, Animals, Picture Book, Children's BooksAn adorable book about Maisy the mouse and her very first wedding!

So today is my third wedding anniversary and I thought it would be fun to make my blog for today filled with wedding-themed posts! I thought a review would also be fun to do so I set out to find books about weddings and then picture books because I just adore picture books! I found this one and just had to read it as I just adore Maisy~

In this sweet book it is time for a wedding! Ostrich and Penguin are getting married! And we see how Maisy prepares (with some pretty new clothes) and then it is off to the wedding! We meet all sorts of animals who are also there to celebrate and how almost everyone had a flower on them or in their clothes! I was wondering why not everyone had one, but then I noticed it! The girls all went with the bride and thus had a flower or flowers while the guys went with bow ties just like the groom (well, except for Charley who just had a flower)! Haha, that was lovely done!

And the rest of the wedding was just a delight to see and I was just thinking about my own wedding again! The walking to my (now)husband, the aisle, the saying yes and I dos, the kiss. Ah! Love it! And I had fun seeing Ostrich and Penguin go through the same things, have so much fun and be so much in love! I had a big of a laugh on where their rings were, I think I would rather call them bracelets. XD The party was just so much fun filled with music, flowers, confetti, and good music (well, I cannot hear it, but I am sure it is good). The ending made me smile. Have a great time you two!

The art was also tons of fun. It is quite a simple art style but I just adore it for that!

All in all, this is a wonderful book about weddings, parties, and being together and it brought a big big smile on my face! I would recommend it to all!

Star rating, 4 stars

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