Review for On Account of Gum

Review for On Account of Gum

On Account of the Gum by Adam Rex, Pink, Humour, Silly, Gum, Picture Book, Children's Book,A laugh-out-loud book about gum and what happens when things go really wrong. XD

I was in the mood for a silly picture book and while I do have plenty of Dutch picture books I decided to browse Youtube’s Read Aloud channels to find a fun English book for me to enjoy. I bumped against this one and I just couldn’t resist. While it seemed to go very far with the gum, everyone can relate to getting gum in a not so good place (hair/clothes).

In this book a girl falls asleep while chewing gum! Oh no! Oh yes! You can imagine what happens next, though I can guarantee you will not guess what happens after the parents (and sister) find out that there is gum in our MC’s hair. Because things went from Oh HEY, let’s try a scissors and cut that little bit of gum out to HOW THE HECK DO WE GET THE GUM AND SCISSORS OUT??!! And that is how it escalates in full and I was just laughing so hard! OK, I also felt very sorry for the girl. But sorry, it just looked hilarious and so silly. The book got weirder and weirder and the solutions more outlandish.

And then we learn more and what kind of day it was and I was just OH NO NO NO NO NO NO. Now I just wanted to give her a big big hug. Poor thing!

That ending! OH MY GOSH, I didn’t think I could go gasp and giggle harder and look very shocked when we find out it isn’t just THAT day, but also THAT DAY. Yes, I am making it vague. If you want to know about all about the ending, the solutions (you may have a bit of a hint thanks to the cover), and the days… read it.

The art was just fabulous! Adam Rex has done it again~ The facial expressions on the girl were just so on point, but also other characters had some great expressions when they saw their solutions going very very wrong. XD

I did like that the endpapers feature all sorts of gums, not sure if they are all made-up or real brands, but I don’t recognise them as a Dutchie. Still I loved the addition~

Plus points to the woman who was reading the story out loud. I will have to check out her channel a bit more because she was just wonderful. So much personality, and I love that she is using puppets as well!

All in all, a chaotic but such a fun book, I was just laughing myself to death. I would highly recommend this one and I will be buying it to add to my collection.

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