Review for Real Hero Shit

Review for Real Hero Shit

Real Hero Shit by Kendra Wells, Red, LGBT, Romance, Sex, Sexy, Horny, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Adventure, Adventuring Party, PrinceA very gay and fun book about a quest, a horny prince, an adventuring party who are not happy with the prince, and tons of excitement.

NOTE: This is going to get chaotic. Haha.

So happy I could support the Kickstarter for this book and so excited I could finally read the book, and I so so loved it! Now I just hope there will be more of this world because I don’t want it to end here. I need more! I want more Eugene who was just weird, horny, gay, and silly, but also showed some stronger sides (wouldn’t mind more of that as he was really sexy when he did that speech), I want to see him explore the world more and discover what is going on outside of the palace walls. I want more Hocus and see more about their world, get more on their backstory, about who they are. How they picked this adventure party. Then there is Michel who seemed to be just an adventurer but has ties with the Thieves Guild and when he meets someone from his past in this book…. we know there is much more to him than meets the eye and I need to know!! Plus, I need to know about that woman, my heart just broke for her in many ways. Then there is Ani, a girl who I liked the least because of her constant grump, but I slowly warmed up to her especially as we learn just a dot more about her past. And then there is this world! I just love it! I am curious about the rulers. About what kind of towns there are found. If there are more people like Ani. Will Eugene ever get used to adventuring? I want more adventures and see what butts our adventuring team will kick. See them explore the world together.

Plus, evil churches doing evil things? Sign me up. That plotline was awesome (yes, also horrific).

Some words I would use to describe this book: gay, horny, exciting, oh my goodness, YASSSSSSSS, sexy, fun, hilarious, strong, did I mention gay?, adventurous, pouty, heroic, funny, OMG no he didn’t, magical, IT IS ON FIRE, diverse, fabulous, WOW, awesome, THAT ART, horny (but now different), kickass, OMG OMG OMG, now now kids be kind, SHIP, amazing, magnificent.

I had so so much fun reading this one and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this sexy and adventurous book to all. If you are able to get it I would say GET IT. Everyone needs this one in their lives.

Star rating, 5 stars

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