Review for The Big Book of Pride Flags

Review for The Big Book of Pride Flags

The Big Book of Pride Flags by Jessica Kingsley, Jem Milton, NOn-fiction, LGBT, Pink, Pride, Flags, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just was in love with that pretty pink cover + I am always very interested in learning more about topics and I was curious what kind of things would be in this book about pride flags.

In this book we learn about various pride flags. From those for separate groups (like gay or bi) to the rainbow flags. How it all started (and who made the flags) and when each flag was made and also by who. It was quite fun to read though I did feel like more could have been said about things.

I definitely was surprised that some flags are still so new. I mean there are ones from 2010-2013. I had expected that the flags were a tad older.

I loved how the flags were shown. Not just here a flag, but a fun image showing the flag. For instance as a cellphone case, or a tattoo on someone’s arm.

However… I do feel this could be BIGGER. It is beautifully named The Big Book of Pride Flags, but it is only 48 pages. I guess most flags are named/shown, but as I said the text is very basic/simple, I wouldn’t have minded just a bit more on that front. More information.

But I did enjoy this one and I absolutely love the art. I loved that I learned new things (and once again was thinking if I was Bi or Pan). I would recommend the book.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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