Review for The Fairy Dogmother

Review for The Fairy Dogmother

The Fairy Dogmother by Caroline Crowe, Richard Merritt, Fairy Godmother, Fairy Dogmother, Fairy Tale, Wishes, Picture Book, Dogs, Cute, Children's Book, AnimalsA cute dog meets his Fairy Dogmother and gets to make a wish… but what wish will he wish for?

I am trying to read more dog books to make up that I still haven’t got a dog or gotten over the anxiety of getting a dog (my mind is so weird). I came across this delightful and magical book and I was in! A dog named Cinders meets his Fairy Dogmother? Sign me up!

I just loved that place the Cinders lived in, I mean, most dog rescue centers either look very boring and bland or aren’t the most happy places, but this one? A bright pink big house? Looks wonderful and sparkly! And it becomes more sparkly when Priscilla Paws, fairy dogmother appears. I had a bit of a laugh how she explained what it meant and also showed some differences between normal godmothers and dogmothers. XD

Just like Cinders though, I would also struggle to think of a wish. I mean, I have read enough books about wishes that I know you have to word them VERY carefully and really think them over because otherwise it may end up in bad ways. And just like Cinders, I also have many things in my life, though I guess I could wish for better mental health? Now how to word that though? Back to Cinders, I loved that he asked all his friends for help, see what they would wish for. Which leads to many doggish wishes from sausages to catching ones tails. I really had a giggle at all the wishes, dang these dogs know what they want!

But the real wish? Cinders wish? OMG, I was just crying. For the dogs, for Cinders, for that little boy. It was really a fairy tale worthy ending with sparkles and happiness.

The endpapers were just so much fun! Three dogs looking at us in a hallway with fun dog bones as wallpaper and cute paintings on the wall~ I always love it when I open a book and see some very fun and creative endpapers. They should add them to all books.

I really love the Youtube channel I found this book on, this woman reads books aloud and she does so in such a fun way. With commentary, props, toys, expressions, and more. The books are already fun but she really makes them come to life.

I will definitely be adding this book to my own collection because I just loved it so much! I would also highly recommend this book to everyone. This is such a fun sparkly and fairy tale book that will be loved by many.

Star rating, 5 stars

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