Review for The Sceptic

Review for The Sceptic

Lily Morton, The Sceptic, Arcana, Black & Blue, Romance, LGBT, Black, Stars, Ghosts, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sex, LGBT, Cute, Awesome, Humour, Dual POVI received this book from Gay Romance Reviews in exchange of an honest review.

I was excited to go back in to the world of Black/Blue but now with new characters and new couples. It took me a few pages before I realised that Will is THE Will from Black/Blue, aka the best friend of Blue. Haha. My head is really not active. XD And then I was even more hyped because I knew there would be plenty of awesomeness. I have been curious about Will for a while so I am excited that we get to meet him more. And not just him, but also a guy named Jem. The love interest. Oh yes~

I am a bit tired (and my head is a bit wonky) so I will make a good/not so good review. Well, OK, I guess this will just be a good review.

😍 Love that it is about Will and that we get to know more about him. Why he was kicked out on the streets, about his past love (anyone want to kick Jason’s butt with me?), about his friendship with Blue (how they met), about everything. I already liked the character from Blue/Black, but with this book I loved him. He was such a sweet giant. Always there for people. Trying to help out. My heart broke that despite not living on the street anymore and getting his life in order, he was still not 100% confident and he was still doing things because the years of being homeless shaped him. I love that he wanted to pick up his studies again and become a real accountant. Help out in the bookstore even more, because indeed, you don’t want Tom or the Viscount to handle that. XD
😍 Jem was an absolute Gem. Sorry, haha, I had to. I loved how sweet he was with Will and how he gave him time and space. How he showed that he was there for him and that he would wait. I loved that he was so into cameras and loved to travel for shows.
😍 That we get to see both these characters. The book is Dual POV and so we don’t just see Will’s thought and the story through his eyes, we also get Jem’s!
😍 The ghost! The haunting! Oh, BOY I loved those parts so much. The ghost (or ghosts) ain’t screwing around here. It seems to start off pretty calmly, but it gets dangerous fast. From a few pans stacked on top of each other to cold spots to doors that don’t open to knocking to dark shapes with ill intentions. I am so glad for the romance because seriously, the ghost stuff scared the wits out of me, especially as the climax got nearer and nearer. Just like the with Blue/Black the author really knows how to write a scary haunted house. I love that we didn’t just see what was happening to our crew but also saw what happened to the family and also what happened when another ghost society popped up to help them. Lord, I wanted to kick those guys so badly. I am glad that our crew is staying. Or well, trying, because as I said, things get very hairy.
😍 Loved that Will was trying to be a sceptic… but that it just wasn’t working out for him. He kept seeing things. Kept being the centre of things at times. It made for some funny scenes though.
😍 Loved that we saw so many of the characters from Blue/Black. Not just the minor characters but also my babies Blue and Levi! Who are still doing perfectly fine and having a great time together (with apparently oodles of sex). I love that Blue eventually decided to help out, even though he didn’t do much I was happy with his presence. And Rosalind also makes an appearance.
😍 That cover.
😍 The ghost-busting crew. Wasn’t a fan of Mia because of how she acted, and Ben definitely needs to learn that he shouldn’t provoke ghosts for extra views, but I did like Lottie and Liam instantly, and Ben later grew on me. I do hope that next time we may see more of Ben/Liam, haha, now there is two guys who should just get together already.
😍 The banter between Jem and Will was just pure gold. I had such a giggle and laugh at the things they said to each other. It was just enormously cute and they weren’t even together for most of the book so it was just even more perfect. I was so shipping these two together while laughing my butt off. They are just so cute. Making references to things, singing songs, teasing and joking. Aww!
😍 Love how Will was all like nah to Jem, this will not work out, and he probably has someone else or will leave again soon, but in the meantime kept staring at his butt, kept dropping things when Jem was looking at him, and other things. Teehee, just confess already Will. Everyone can see you like that guy (and btw he is also very much into you).
😍 That the Youtube comments even were shipping Jem and Will. Now I loved that. And loved that a certain other character was heating the fires. Oh my!
😍 That Scooby Doo conversation and big fat bonus points because I also hate Scrappy, he was the worst one by far to be added.
😍 All the penguin jokes. Poor Jem, but that is what you get. 😛
😍 The ending was a tad rushed, but I still loved it and the closure we got on the case. What had happened. Who the ghost was. And more.
😍 That last bit and what Tom and the viscount did for Will, that was just so sweet and it made me cry. These people are just too good!
😍 I was a bit worried about Jem having to go back to work + how Will thought about Jem maybe not doing the job he loves, but I am happy that all worked out and that every party is happy with it. It doesn’t always happy drama-free so thank you to Lily Morton for writing two adults.
😍 The epilogue was perfect! Love it! So cute! So sweet!

😶 Hey, you don’t hear me complain about sex. About sexy times. If anything I was rooting for them to go for it. But… maybe it was just not the time. I am happy that the characters also saw that maybe it wasn’t time, but they still went for it and I don’t know. It just didn’t feel right. Yes, I was enjoying it, but I just kept waiting for something deadly to pop out and murder everyone. Oh yes. XD

All in all, I just ADORED this book. It was so much fun. With some scary moments, tons of banter and flirting, characters to ship and root for, and more! I cannot wait what is next in this series, for real, I need the second book now. I would highly recommend this one to all in need for some cute romance along with deadly ghosts.

Star rating, 5 stars

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